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Storage Group and the upcoming upgradation of the features of Click and Store.

Click and Store

The fast-growing era of today, where the world is at its peak of technological advancement and high-tech devices. Undoubtedly, these technologies are no less than a catalyst for businesses and corporations operating in today’s market. Technological advances are immensely on their fast pace of growth and available for everyone. At this point, social media is helping everyone to connect with one another.

Platforms like social media are reliable and easy to use. Such a stage is now adopted by many businesses to make their customers aware of their existence. Other than that, they are used as reliable and efficient advertising and promotional tools today. 

Marketing and advertising concepts have been around in business for a long time. Formerly, newspapers, billboards, television ads, and radio were used, but today social media sites have made their work easier and more accessible. Some theory states that whatever the product or service is, the consumer will buy it if they have ever heard of it. Although the platforms have been different, the aim is consistent: to maintain the goodwill of your business and generate sales.

Talking about marketing firms, the Storage Group is an internet marketing company that specializes in the self-storing industry and digital marketing. 

For almost 10 years, the company dealt with helping people to find digital marketing solutions for their day-to-day operations. As a result, it brought many cost-cutting products and services, including search engine optimization, website development, software development, social media marketing, online rentals, and pay-per-click advertising.

The Group has its name amongst some famous marketing and technology companies serving the self-storage industry. Recently, it has upgraded its directory of ClickandStor® online rental tools to gain maximum leads and listings by categorizing location and price. 

The company also initiated a new platform called ClickandStor® Lite, allowing self-storage operators to enjoy unit reservations directly from their directory listings. ClickandStor® provides the most cost-effective and easiest way for the end user, especially tenants. 

This ensures that the user can access several facilities through its website, customer access, and payment methods. Whether customers visit the website or come through on-site, ClickandStor®

 allows them to register, digitally sign in and make all required payments without any human interaction.

Venture and Partnerships

The company also ventured itself with Domico Software, providing more benefits and facilities to the people. One of the products of The Storage Group is ClickandStor®. The arrival of ClickandStor® in 2011, when it was first launched as the first online rental tool, brought a revolution to the self-storage industry. 

In addition, the integration of The Storage Group with Storage Commander through ClickandStor® provides customers and clients with the latest and advanced self-storage technology in the marketplace. The Storage Group is committed to being a solution-driven company by boosting occupancy rates and producing a higher return on investment.

The company has also added eSign lease customization to its ClickandStor® online-rental tool. The new feature allows facility operators to tailor their rental agreements to the needs of individual tenants. In addition, users can now create and offer a digital lease without accessing their facility-management software.

Domico Cloud and The Storage Group partnership allowed users who wish to use ClickandStor® to either integrate the tool into their website or The Storage Group can provide them or build a new website for them. After the integration, the data of all complete online reservations, merchandise, and rentals will be sent to Domico Cloud and automatically updated in the system.

The CEO; Steve Lucas

Lucas joined The Storage Group as the director of sales in 2013. Eventually, after two years, he took over as a chief operating officer and became a partner in 2018. Brian Pelski, the former CEO, remains a principal in the company. Lucas has always been good with technology shifts and steadfast strategies regarding the company’s products and services, as well as introducing new versions of the industry’s first online tool, ClickandStor®.

The idea of CEO Steve Lucas behind the ClickandStor® directory is to provide immense facility to its users. Furthermore, he is in the middle of bringing premium software that offers facilities to a whole new audience.

The arrival of the CEO, Lucas, has allowed the executive team to emphasize the company’s success and the company’s overall long-term strategic goals and decisions. 

Recently, The Storage Group has been awarded 2021’s ISS Best of Business Award for Most Innovative Product for their work on the ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite of products. This resulted from self-storage management and consumers across the industry, who voted for The Storage Group because of their cost-efficient products and hard work.

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