Storage: From Putting Things on Shelves to Automated Solutions


Since 1980, LA based McMurray Stern has been a leading storage solutions provider. For the past 40 years, the company has been dedicated to providing customers with the most efficient storage systems at the lowest possible cost.

McMurray Stern offers both static and innovative storage solutions, depending on the needs of the client. Static solutions include art storage, commercial metal shelving, mailroom storage, library detection systems, lockers, museum storage, weapons storage and vault storage, among others. Their more modern products include robotic systems, vertical lift modules, shuttle systems, and micro fulfillment.

With help from partners such as Systec, Magnet Group, Novation, and Amerinet, McMurray Stern successfully fulfills their clients’ needs. McMurray Stern has spent decades building relationships with key suppliers to remove the need for third party vendors as well. Teams of trained designers, architects and technicians ensure each client gets a customized approach to their storage needs. Thus, all storage systems are built with only the highest quality materials, guaranteeing long-lasting and dependable products.

Over the years, McMurray Stern’s clientele has mostly consisted of retail companies and companies that require large warehouse spaces. The fashion industry has especially benefited greatly from the company’s storage solutions due to the high demand of clothing and its ever changing trends. Large amounts of clothing can also become very heavy to manually move. Thus, the WEASEL, a compact vehicle specifically designed for the relocation of clothing, is put to use. This innovative solution allows for greater efficiency and faster shipping times, keeping both the retailer and their customers happy.

However, other industries have been taking note of McMurray Stern’s ability to effectively store anything- even if it’s something fragile or large and heavy.

Grocery stores are one market that has recently taken advantage of the company’s usefulness. Busy consumers are always open to new and improved ways to grocery shop. With the help of McMurray’s progressive technology, that goal can be achieved. Automating the pallet, case and piece picking procedure grants stores with inventory control, ease and even same day delivery. The grocery store warehouses must adhere to proper temperature control, SKUs and FDA regulations.

The installation of McMurray’s sturdy mobile racks, pellet racks and variety of automated machines help the warehouses to clear up floor space. With the high demand for frozen and refrigerated items, grocery stores have been forced to build cold storage facilities and allow for online ordering. McMurray’s cold chain storage offers a solution for this; no longer will warehouses be unable to expand or limit what products they can store.

Another new industry that McMurray has been able to serve is the healthcare system. FrameWRX by Spacesaver is a form of modular bin shelving that can be used in pharmacies. It offers a sterile environment and can be used for a wide variety of uses. Although FrameWRX already saves space, it can be paired with a high-density system that compacts two rows of storage. Sterile storage is also available. In a high pressure environment like a hospital, sterile storage allows doctors to quickly find what they need when they need it. In medical residences, bed storage and their cleaning can be a hassle. Thus, the Hospital Bed Lift is a valuable asset to any medical facility. The machine is able to stack beds vertically. Along with creating more floor space, it prevents fire hazards from the hallways.

McMurray can also provide healthcare centers with custom-made modular labs. The client works alongside a designer to create a lab that best fits their needs. Additionally, if the client requests special upgrades, they will not be charged extra. Having access to a well-designed lab allows for greater staff efficiency and morale.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, another diagnostic laboratory was needed in the LA area to create more COVID-19 tests. In 2020, a 30,000 square feet lab was added. In order to accommodate the every-growing demand for COVID-19 tests, the lab needed to store supplies as efficiently as possible. Thus, McMurray’s compact storage systems were of aid to them during this time.

McMurray Stern’s modern technology has pleased many clients from all different industries. “We are constantly complimented by visiting professionals on the wonderful condition of our state of the art facility. McMurray Stern provided us with a beautiful, efficient and accessible organization system that has made our facility a standout in Southern California museums. We are more than happy with our compactors and repository and would highly recommend McMurray Stern,” said Darla Abigt, a curator at the Western Science Center.

Additionally, Jim Hogue, a member of the Biology Department at California State University Northridge stated “We are very happy with the two systems installed in our new building a few years ago that I work with on a daily basis. I would certainly contact McMurray Stern should we need anything else and I do recommend them to colleagues.”

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