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StopBezos: The Token Championing Workers’ Rights


Already well into Phase 1 of “Flying to Jupiter,” the $STOPBEZOS is already more than just a cryptocurrency.

Everyone knows about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, since these cryptos have featured so much in the news lately. However, from time to time, some unusual cryptos enter the market, with some causing a bigger ripple of excitement than others.

Anyone in the digitized finance industry can contribute something new, but the inescapable fact is that some tokens are not created equal to others. When the motive is to serve a community, the value and meaning of these coins show how everyone can make a vital contribution.  

Launching a token with a community initiative

A new cryptocurrency movement called StopBezos is championing its exceptional community initiative. The developers behind the token called the $STOPBEZOS are soon deploying their token contract on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and PancakeSwap. The outspoken cryptocurrency is the native token of $STOPBEZOS and is linked to a movement to take on billionaires while restoring the rights of workers.

For the community-based token, everyone can do their share to help hardworking people while stopping companies from steamrolling the people who make them rich. Through StopBezos, anyone can make charitable contributions. The company has established its “Worker Fund” right from the start, making sure it is already working toward its final goal as it launches on various exchanges.

“Help us create a better universe by joining us in our effort. Ours is the first movement-oriented token created to help restore rights to those who work hard while helping others become billionaires. Join us now in restoring rights to the workers.” –  StopBezos CEO, Jalal Alp.

Picking the right side

Billionaires are not known for caring about their tireless workers who slave to make their companies a success. The injustice is that these workers work long hours with basic rewards as they watch the greedy executives spend exorbitantly on outrageous luxuries.

At StopBezos, they are bold enough to say enough is enough. They plan to accomplish their mission through their token. The public can get involved by buying and Hodling $STOPBEZOS. Each transaction automatically donates a percentage to the workers’ fund, but people are also encouraged to make further donations and to spread the word.

All about transparency

Anyone can review the recently published Source Code of StopBezos which is verified by BscScan. The company has also taken other steps to ensure transparency. These include its Honeypot Mechanics, Anti-whale Mechanics, and supply restrictions.

The Honeypot mechanics ensure that every token transfer, whether this is made from wallet to wallet, buying, or selling can be made at any time. Funds are never blacklisted or locked, and hackers beware, you “will have your hands cut off!”

The dynamics behind the movement are to prevent “any single person from becoming more powerful than others.” That is where the Anti-whale mechanics come into play. A maximum acquisition is placed for every holder.

Finally, there is a fixed supply of tokens, meaning there is no ability to mint new ones. This promotes transparency and ensures that its community is given its hard-earned power back.

Understanding StopBezos’ Unique Tokenomics

The movement has some advanced Tokenomics in place. These are the unique features that make $STOPBEZOS an exciting acquisition for holders.

Besides its charitable causes, the token also features frictionless yields and liquidity generation. There is also a programmed burn on each transaction of token transfers, including a hyper-deflationary buyback and a “burn wallet” for holder rewards. This runs on an auto-burn by reflection mechanism. Besides being able to buy or sell, investors will also get rewarded for holding (Hodling). For each transaction, a small amount is donated to help workers and their families.

Flying to Jupiter in phases

The founder’s stated intention is innovative and groundbreaking in the history of cryptocurrency launches. StopBezos is rolling out within a 5-phase process, intending to give control back to workers and the community.

This will ultimately be done through the dedication of the StopBezos community. The aim is to restore the rights of employees at large corporations, provide charitable contributions to worker funds, and finally, decentralize the traditional governance of large-scale businesses by Phase 5.

In the words of its CEO: “We are on course to Jupiter.” 

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