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Not everyone is going to respect the effort you put into creating your own content. There are those who can choose to steal and then share with others who have not paid for the stolen OnlyFans content. Some can even upload the content and pretend it’s their own so they can make some money from the Only Fans content. It can be challenging to track drown such content and have it taken down, but there are some things you can do to make sure you are safe on OnlyFans. offers a fantastic service to remove copyrighted material from other sites on the internet, allowing you to earn money without the fear of your income being diluted due to copyrighted content being placed on other sites without your permission.

Your main source of income is your fans. You put a lot of time to make sure they get quality content for your subscribers. One thing that can easily drop your subscriber count is pirated and leaked stolen content. Many currently paying subscribers will not see the point of spending money on your content when they can easily find it for free now it’s stolen content. Your monthly income dips when this happens and this is why copyright infringement is a big problem.

One thing that is common in the adult industry is pirated content, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You own the content you create, and there are some services that can help in removing any content that has leaked to free sites. It is even possible to stop the leaks, even though it might seem daunting. OnlyFans creators need to remember that stolen content is costing them money and though it’s an investment to remove it, it almost always pays for itself in the medium to longer term.

Tips for Finding Stolen OnlyFans Video Content

The first step is identifying the stolen OnlyFans content that has been taken without permission. There are some websites that help in discovering copied content.

An easy way of preventing stolen content is putting a brand logo or watermark on your content, which notifies you that the stolen content is copyrighted.

Google Search for Image

A good way of finding stolen content on YouTube is through Google image search. Open Google then go to the video, right click on the thumbnail. You are going to see options that include Google Search For Image.

The next step is opening the list of results on the image search. This is going to help in finding stolen videos that can help you stop theft on YouTube.

Copyright Match Tool for Detecting Re-Uploaded OnlyFans Content

This tool is going to help in finding reuploaded videos on YouTube. You are going to see the match on YouTube creator studio. From there, you can choose to take action if your content has been stolen.

You need to ensure you are the first to upload the stolen content because the tool checks for content when you upload the video to YouTube and not copied from others.

Using Different Screenshots for Videos

If your browser is Chrome, select a random video clips screenshot from the videos then search for the image as mentioned above.

If you are not using Chrome, then you have to capture the screenshot of the thumbnail before uploading it. Upload an image from google images so that the device can start searching for the stolen content.

Analyzing the Referral Traffic can Show if you are the victim of Stolen OnlyFans Videos

Analytics are important because they help discover where your traffic is coming from and the specific users coming to your Only Fans. If you notice that there is suspicious activity done on the site, check out their YouTube Channel whether they have stolen OnlyFans content and if there is copyright infringement of your OnlyFans account.

Tips for Avoiding OnlyFans Leaks for Creators

One of the most important things to keep in mind is never to reveal personal information. It seems obvious, but make sure you always keep your location and name hidden when creating content for your account – this will go a long way to prevent stolen OnlyFans content.

When creating content, make sure the background is not revealing information about you or your location because some people can easily track you down. Most people are going to respect your privacy, but you can never know if someone can get obsessed.

This is strange, but there have been cases of OnlyFans creators intimidated and followed in real life. This is common in women performing as trafficked women, which makes it important to take extra caution to protect your location and identity to prevent stolen OnlyFans content and protect yourself.

Avoid opening links

If you get a link from a subscriber, you should open it if you don’t know where it leads to. There are VPNs offering security when opening links. A good way to prevent the link from opening is through the Google Transparency Report. Opening unsafe links can harm the computer and fraudsters can use it to access your content including the cloud and then use it for other websites.

Image Metadata Purge

Before you submit anything, make sure you have deleted the information from your profile. The data can contain specific location information. It is good for your profile when people know which country you are from, but you don’t want them to know your exact location.

Using A New Device Account and Email Address

A common question authors have as OnlyFans creators are whether they can keep their accounts private after creating them. If you want to keep the account different from your personal life, make sure you have signed up using a different email address. Instagram, Facebook, Google, and other platforms can keep information so they can link the account to those of your family and friends.

This isn’t a big issue for most users, but it is for those who want to keep their accounts a secret according to OnlyFans Strategy. If you want to do this, you have to take some extra steps to make sure everything is secure. This is common for celebrities wishing to share adult content. Today, there is less stigma associated with working in the porn industry, but there are some cases where your privacy is important as an OnlyFans creator.

New Device User

If you want to avoid errors, it is a good idea to have a new phone you are going to use for anything related to your brand. This will keep your personal life safe. Many devices allow you to have more than one user.

Safe Posts

You should be very careful when sharing your OnlyFans content because it can make it easier for people to find personal information including your location. These can be prominent landmarks in the background, the exception being when you are traveling.

Locking down personal social accounts

As an OnlyFans content creator, you have to make sure your accounts are safe by taking extra steps with safety settings. Make sure you check out these settings because it is going to help you a lot.

Profile Picture

You can use a phone that hides your face so that a person cannot see it until you have added them to your friend list. You need to be careful so that people on OnlyFans can’t find out more or your image using image search. There are some who like it when they are in the spotlight, but many sex workers want to separate their personal life from their professional life.

Reporting OnlyFans Content Leaks Immediately

Something you have to keep in mind is there is the risk of someone taking your OnlyFans content and spreading it. When you find out that someone has stolen OnlyFans content, the first thing you need to do is inform the DMCA team to push through a DMCA takedown notice to the web host, they are going to handle the process of removing the pirated material from the site and even search engines.

While the platform can help in getting the images or videos removed from other sites and search engines, there are some things you can do to avoid being in this position in the first place. You should use watermarks because it helps in trademarking your OnlyFans content and preventing an infringing website from taking it.

Protecting Your OnlyFans Content

Here are some tips OnlyFans content creators can use when it comes to protecting your OnlyFans content from getting stolen and uploaded on other sites. Some of these tips can seem expensive, but they will go a long way in helping you avoid the headache that comes with removing content from other sites. You are also losing revenue when your OnlyFans content is pirated because it means people can easily get your content without paying for it. You need to them remove stolen OnlyFans content asap or your bottom line will be impacted and it will cause issues when you’re hoping to earn money and increase subscribers. This is all because people steal content to earn money for themselves, something you shouldn’t tolerate as a content creator.

Using a Watermark on Your OnlyFans Images and Videos

The platform has a tool for automating the watermark, but your current subs have an easy way of removing it. If you want a better option, it is best to commission or create your own then put it in a place on the video or photo that is hard to remove. This is the best option for copyright holders.

While people can still share your OnlyFans content with a watermark, they cannot upload the content as their own because it credits you for the work. When they take your Stolen OnlyFans and upload it on a website, it is easy to make a claim because your watermark is on the video or image.

Trademarking your watermark and logos

When the logo, watermark, or username is trademarked, it is easier to remove the stolen OnlyFans content from other platforms and sites. As an OnlyFans creator, you have to spend some money to trademark your logo, watermark, or username with the US Patent and Trademark Office, it is going to benefit you a lot in the future because it will save you time and money. You will find it easier to fight piracy when it is trademarked OnlyFans content compared to what you have to go through with a DMCA takedown notice alone to get stolen content removed.

OnlyFans creators need to work with a professional when it comes to trademarks to prevent stolen material. This process is tricky and the last thing you need is to pay a DMCA notice and file expenses many times before getting the results needed.

Copyrighting content

OnlyFans creators can copyright content quickly because it takes less effort and time than creating it. When your OnlyFans content is copyrighted, pirates will avoid your OnlyFans content because they can see you are serious about protecting it and preventing stolen material. They will prefer to move on to another person.

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