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Stock Market Guides Review: Use Their Research to Profit

Stock Market Guides Review

Have you ever been awed by investors who make substantial profits in stocks? 

What if we told you that you could be one too – without the need for years of experience? Sounds too good to be true, but that is exactly what Stock Market Guides aims to help you do. 

Why Invest in Stocks?

Stock investing is a major money-making industry. It is well known to be a very lucrative market, with the chance to grow your wealth.

Firms listed on stock exchanges basically float their stock, or pieces of ownership. You can buy stocks as a means of investing in your preferred company and enjoy the benefit of dividends – a share of the profits. This passive earning method allows investors to make profits and money without directly working in the company’s operations.

Then there is the advantage of trading stocks. You can buy stocks when they are low in value and sell when they rise due to market demand.  This is considered active trading and is something that Stock Market Guides caters to particularly well.

Stock investments are also a good option for regular blue and white-collar people as it allows them to continue their jobs while making money on the side.

But that is where the major issue lies with people not familiar with the stock market. Timing in investment and trading is everything. You want to buy low and sell high. But that typically comes with experience and a deep understanding of things like technical and fundamental indicators. Understandably, this is time-consuming and challenging, which prevents a lot of people from getting into stocks.

Stock Market Guides Review

Using Stock Market Guides to Make Smart Investments

The knowledge barrier of entry to stock investing is a thing of the past. Thanks to the services available at Stock Market Guides, you can gain access to expert knowledge of the most lucrative potential investments. The platform employs a technology that uses historical data and market sentiments to determine which assets are ripe for the picking.

The most prominent factor that makes Stocks Market Guides a platform of choice for many is its no-nonsense approach to giving “trading signals”. If you ask an experienced investor for advice, sometimes they will confound you with a response like,

 “Buy when the X-moving average and Y-moving average cross and the Fibonacci retracement reaches 38.2%.”

The team at Stock Market Guides understands that while that sort of terminology might be understood by some investors, many people might not be familiar. The platform’s team came up with a simple solution: give signals that have all the information and data available, but in a manner that is easy to understand, even by novice investors.

Stock Market Guides uses a simple image (it looks like a digital “card”) to display each trading signal.  It contains the time and date to open the position along with the time and date to close the position. You can’t get any simpler than that.  Each trading signal also shows how the trade setup performed historically for the stock, which includes overall wins and losses and the annualized return.

Stock Market Guides Services

Stock Market Guides caters to a wide variety of people, including those who want to use simple stock trading or those who want to use more sophisticated derivative tools.   

  • Stock Picking Services: Stock Market Guides offers stock trading signals that have an average annualized return of 72% to 89% in back tests, depending on the service you choose.  You can get trade alerts before the market opens or during normal stock market hours.  
  • Option Trade Alert Services: If you’re comfortable using options as an investing vehicle, you might be able to get even better returns (though not without risk).  Stock Market Guides offers option trading signals that have an average annualized return of 136% in back tests.  Trade alerts are sent by text or email, just like they are for the stock signals.

Use Their Calculators and Guides

Stock Market Guides not only provides sound stock signals but also offers solid educational content and tools to investors.

The platform offers a variety of calculators, such as profit and stop calculators.  Those help you determine not only when to lock in profits on a trade, but also when to cut the cord on a position to minimize losses. Stock Market Guides also has a position size calculator to help in determining how many shares to buy for any given trade.

They also offer a variety of free guides, from the basics of how to buy stocks to advanced trading strategies such as Keltner Channel and RSI-based metrics.

Is Stock Market Guides For You?

Stock Market Guides used their research to create a service that is designed for people who have limited access, time, and understanding of the stock market. If time is a constraint or if you don’t have the desire or aptitude to do your own stock research, Stock Market Guides’ simple signal service might be a good fit for you. 

One of the things we like best about them is that they don’t inundate you with hype or sales pitches.  Their method for communicating and teaching is straightforward and hype-free.

Stock Market Guides was created and built by trading specialists who are data savvy and use statistics to determine the best stock trading opportunities.

While trading does entail risks of losses, Stock Market Guides ensures that the trade ideas it shares have a historical track record of success, which might put the odds in your favor of being a profitable stock investor.

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