Stimulating the Creative Industry- WeiArtCollections and their latest Tesla-inspired Contemporary Artwork!

WeiArtCollections being sensational is no new feat in the world of the creative industry.

The platform keeps inspiring and visually pleasing the masses with its fusion of crypto and other blockchain and high-tech technologies and companies with glorious art.

But what makes them so unique and special? Besides being technologically literate and future-forward, WeiArtCollections is a platform that houses various beyond compare talented artists from various parts of the world.

Hence, they are great advocates of multiculturalism in all aspects. Creativity, culture, and diversity are seen in all their contemporary artworks solely aimed at modern art lovers, collectors, various technology leaders, etc.

WeiArtCollections significantly impacted the contemporary artwork stage with their crypto and art fusion work, which celebrated Bitcoin and Ethereum not too long ago.

And Jean Marquette, the genius behind it all, is a visionary in all aspects. He has made the headlines again with the platform’s latest contemporary artwork series, the limited Innovation Apex Series T, representing Tesla Inc. in all its fame.

Tesla is a world-renowned American motor vehicle company that promotes clean energy, works on space science, and embraces the future. WeiArtCollections also welcomes it, so we believe this was a long time coming.

This limited Tesla-inspired contemporary artwork series is available in both material and NFT format. 

Marquette also mentioned they’d taken the Andy Warhol approach of creating contemporary art from world-renowned brands that have a powerful influence over people. Since then, everything about this series has made sense.

Besides that, Marquette mentioned that he appreciated Tesla since the introduction of their first car, the Roadster. As soon as he saw the logo, something clicked, and he promptly started to sketch the design and the ideas for his 42 artworks that make up the series. 

He’s successfully created three unique pieces from this Tesla-inspired contemporary artwork series out of 42. And he adamantly promises that each piece will be world-class and utterly unique from the others.

The three pieces come in three volumes, the first from the Apex Series T collections, untitled volume 1, a beautiful ferocious black, mixed-media abstract artwork inspired by the logo of Tesla.

It sands 8ft tall by 4ft wide and weighs approximately 132 pounds. Cost: ETH 26,792 and GBP 34,287,725.

Volume 2 Series T collection, called “Mars,” is a serene contemporary artwork of Tesla’s logo made from red, white, and black colors combined to charm the masses visually.

The artwork stands 8ft tall by 4ft wide and weighs approximately 132 pounds. Cost: ETH 26,278.87 and GBP 33,561,632.

And lastly, the Limited Series T collection Volume 3 is a black and red mixed-media abstract artwork that delightfully represents the Tesla logo.

Black/dark glass is attractively topped on a red layer that complements the matted black background of the artwork effortlessly. It stands 8ft tall by 4ft wide and weighs approximately 130 pounds. Cost: ETH 30,783.68 and GBP 39,208,050.

These alluring artworks are posted on their official website to look at. They are exclusively for sale to art lovers and collectors who appreciate and understand futuristic values.

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