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Stickers, Antennas, or Boosters: How to Amplify Cellular Signal?

Cellular Signal

If your cellular signal is less than perfect, you don’t need to wait till your carrier condescends and does something about it. Oftentimes, it is not even your cellular service provider’s fault that reception is weak. Maybe it is thick brick walls in your houses in the neighborhood that are to blame for signal impediment. Anyways, if you want your cellular reception to be stronger and dependable, you have to take action on your own. How? Well, for starters, you can get one of the signal amplifying devices found in abundance on the market. Let’s see which options you have and whether they are worth it. 

1) Cell Phone Signal Booster

These devices create a zone of a strong reception in a particular building or vehicle. Each kit consists of an outdoor antenna, indoor antenna, and an amplifier. Thanks to an internal antenna, you can draw cellular signal of better quality from the outside. Next, signals enter an amplifier, which makes them dozens of times stronger. Finally, an internal antenna spreads radio waves of improved quality across a building. As a result, it almost feels like a cell tower transmitter is right in your living room. A single booster can cover thousands of square feet in enclosed areas and serve up to 250 users (this concerns commercial signal boosters though). On the other hand, you can’t take this device wherever you go unless you go by car or another vehicle. In this case, you can install a portable repeater in your conveyance.

signal booster

2) Stickers

A sticker is a plate made of either metal or plastic with metal inserts. It is attached to the back of your mobile device. Supposedly, it helps retain electromagnetic radiation inside a device thus increasing its capability of pinging signals. On paper, it is a very cool idea: your phone doesn’t get heavier or bulkier, there are no wires, and you can get signal amplification everywhere you go. This would be a perfect solution except for one thing – it doesn’t work at all. If you have spare $10 you can give it a shot but don’t expect much. 

3) Removable Antennas

This gizmo is attached to your device to make a receiving antenna more potent. While an antenna offers some marginal effect, you will hate every single second of using it. We enjoy smartphones for being compact and convenient but an antenna thrown into the mix neutralizes these benefits. When you get this monstrosity out of a bag, it will surely raise a few eyebrows. 

Other Ways to Improve Cellular Signal

To date, a cell phone signal booster is the best solution to improve a cellular signal. Unfortunately, you can use it only inside buildings and vehicles. But if you’re in the great outdoors, is there a way to make reception better? Yes, there are a few ways, actually:

  • remove a case from your device;
  • make sure not to block its internal antenna (i.e., hold it with only one hand or use a headset);
  • charge your phone (if a battery is low, your device won’t have enough power to ping a signal);
  • get higher – climb a hill, get on a roof, etc.;
  • go to a less crowded place;
  • learn where the nearest cell towers are and move toward them.

If you need to improve reception in your house but you don’t want to buy a cell phone signal repeater, you have two options. The first one is to rearrange furniture or de-clutter your home. You need to make sure that a signal meets fewer barriers on its way to you. It is a good idea to move heavy objects away from external walls. Besides, you can try to remove every electronic device from one of the rooms and see if that helps. TVs, computers, appliances, etc. emit electromagnetic radiation that may cause interference with radiofrequency waves.

Finally, you can ask your network carrier if it supplies a WiFi Calling service. If it does, broadband home Internet may assist you in making calls.

There are so many ways to improve your cell phone reception. Why don’t you try some of these cellular signal solutions and see whether they work for you?

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