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Steven Odzer Details the Benefits of Hiring Individuals With Disabilities  

Steven Odzer is the CEO of YBT Industries, a manufacturing company in Cedarhurst, New York. He is proud of the company that he is helping to oversee and help to grow and thrive. One of the things that he is most proud of when it comes to this company is the inclusivity and overall culture of the company. The company takes steps to ensure that its employees are as diverse as their customers. One of the ways that the company is working to be inclusive and diverse is to hire individuals with disabilities. If you are a business owner, there are many benefits to hiring those who may be disabled. Learning about these benefits can help you to see the value in recruiting and hiring individuals who are disabled and how your company can become better by doing so.

Steven Odzer Explains That Hiring Those With Disabilities Helps Promote Inclusivity

People should have equal access to opportunities. Being able to work and earn a living is not something that should be reserved only for the non-disabled. Those who are disabled have as much right to work and provide for themselves like everyone else. Unfortunately, though, those who have disabilities struggle to find employment. By hiring individuals who have disabilities, you are promoting inclusivity within your company and helping to obtain a diverse workforce. Not only are there positive social and economical ramifications to this, but, employees within your business will immediately see how inclusive your business is. This can boost employee morale and help to make employees feel comfortable, regardless of their age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or disabilities, while at their place of work.

Steven Odzer Details How You Can Get a Unique Take By Hiring Those With Disabilities

Steven Odzer says that one of the lesser-known benefits associated with hiring individuals with disabilities is that you may get unique takes from someone who lives in a different way than you do. If you are hiring someone who has a mental disability, they may process information and view things quite differently than you do. This new insight and perspective can cause you to rethink the way you handle conflict, deal with workflow issues, or even the way your business operates on a day-to-day basis. If you are hiring someone with a physical disability, they may have a different insight into the way things operate and work. They may have to do things differently or come up with creative ways to complete a task. This can give your company new insight into product changes or what they can do to help their disabled customers better navigate their store.

Steven Odzer States Those With Disabilities Often Prefer to Remain With the Same Employer

Another benefit to hiring individuals with disabilities is that those who are disabled are less likely to change employers. Those who have disabilities often feel discriminated against and may prefer their routine. As such, they are more likely to remain loyal to your company as long as you treat them fairly and equally. Losing employees can be a huge hit to employers. It takes time to retrain a new employee and productivity may dip as that new employee learns the ins and outs of your company. Employee retention is important, and hiring the disabled allows you to retain more employees. This can decrease employee turnover, and the time and lost productivity that is involved in hiring and training new employees.

Steven Odzer Says Hiring the Disabled Can Help to Increase Business

People are becoming more aware that the companies that they choose to do business with have a direct impact on many things in the world. As such, people try to shop or do business with employers who have a diverse group of employees, who treat their employees well, and who have the same political and social viewpoints as they do. The disabled community is a large one, and that community tries to support companies that hire the disabled and give back to disability programs. By hiring disabled individuals, you may increase your customer base. This is a great way to positively improve brand recognition for your company and increase your client or customer base.

Steven Odzer Explains How Your Business May Qualify For Financial Incentives

Hiring Individuals With DisabilitiesSteven Odzer notes that the last benefit to hiring individuals with disabilities is a financial one. There are some federal and state tax credits and financial incentives for hiring individuals with disabilities. Those incentives may vary from state to state and can change from year to year. As such, if you are looking for financial incentives, you will want to reach out to an accountant or tax professional. They can help you to understand what tax credits or financial incentives you may be entitled to if your company hires disabled individuals to work for you.

Steven Odzer is extremely proud to say that he is the CEO of YBT Industries. One of the reasons why he is so proud of this is because this company is a leader when it comes to diversity and inclusiveness. The company works to ensure that they include everyone they can in their company and ensures their workforce is diverse, representing all of the people that the company is designed to serve. He hopes that other companies out there, including the one that you may run, see the value in diversity and make hiring individuals from all walks of life, including those with disabilities, a priority. There are many benefits to doing so, including promoting inclusivity and diversity within the company, getting a new perspective on your day-to-day operations and workflows, getting loyal employees who may not want to ever leave, increasing your business, and possibly qualifying for financial incentives.

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