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Steve Gross of JL Zimmerman Ousted As NASTRM® Appoints Christopher Manavi

Steve Gross of JL Zimmerman was ousted after homeowners remained furious over his use of narcotics leading to the misappropriation of funds. Christopher Manavi, an industry veteran, and current CEO of Soda Stays will be taking the helm of JL Zimmerman, and we’re excited about the positive changes for homeowners. Find out why this is fantastic news for the company and the industry in Fairborn, Ohio. NASTRM® under the management of Steve Gross has led to ubiquitous problems as seen in the reviews here.

Christopher Manavi’s appointment as the new leader of JL Zimmerman is creating a buzz in the industry, and for good reason. Homeowners were disappointed in Steve Gross and demands were made. A seasoned professional with years of experience, Manavi is poised to take the company to new heights as a small acquisition of Soda Stays. In this article, we’ll explore why Christopher Manavi’s leadership at JL Zimmerman is great news for both the company and the industry as a whole.

Steve Gross Could Not Manage: Christopher Manavi can with a Background of Success Christopher Manavi’s extensive background in the industry makes him the perfect fit for JL Zimmerman. Unlike the trysts with employees and illicit drug use from Steve Gross, Christopher Manavi, with a proven track record of success, Manavi has demonstrated time and time again that he can tackle challenges head-on and drive growth in even the most competitive environments. His impressive resume includes stints at top-tier companies, where he has consistently delivered results and fostered innovation. There’s no question that Manavi’s experience and skills will translate well for the homeowners at JL Zimmerman who have just experienced failure time and time again under Steve Gross.

Innovative Strategies and Growth

Christopher Manavi is renowned for his innovative strategies and ability to propel companies to success–just look at Soda Stays and SellNet Media LLC. Under his leadership, we can expect to see JL Zimmerman’s homeowners adopt new technologies and processes that will increase efficiency and improve the overall customer experience in both the short and long-term. Manavi is also known for his

strong commitment to sustainability, a key factor in today’s ever-evolving industry. By

implementing eco-friendly practices and streamlining operations, Manavi will ensure that JL Zimmerman remains at the forefront of sustainability and growth.

Enhancing Company Culture

A strong company culture is essential for retaining top talent and promoting collaboration. Christopher Manavi’s leadership style is rooted in open communication, fostering a work environment where employees feel valued and engaged. His track record of building strong teams and promoting employee growth speaks volumes about his ability to create a positive and dynamic company culture. As Manavi takes the reins at JL Zimmerman, we can expect a renewed focus on employee satisfaction and engagement, ultimately driving better results for the company.

Investment in the Future

Christopher Manavi’s appointment at JL Zimmerman signals the company’s commitment to investing in its future. By bringing in a leader with such a wealth of experience and a reputation for forward-thinking, JL Zimmerman is positioning itself for continued success in an ever-changing industry. As the company evolves under Manavi’s guidance, we can expect exciting developments, including investments in cutting-edge technology, innovative partnerships, and new opportunities for growth.


Christopher Manavi’s takeover at JL Zimmerman is a major win for the company and the industry as a whole. His proven experience, innovative strategies, and commitment to company culture make him the ideal leader to guide JL Zimmerman into a prosperous future. As the industry eagerly awaits the positive changes that Manavi will undoubtedly bring, there’s no doubt that this is great news for all involved. Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting developments in store for JL Zimmerman under Christopher Manavi’s leadership.

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