Steps to Take or Avoid After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents are just as bad as car accidents and are nothing to joke about. Thousands of people die from motorcycle accidents yearly, without thousands more ending up with temporary or permanent injuries. If you own a motorcycle, whether for work or fun, you must be safe and drive responsibly.

However, you should know what to do if you have been in a motorcycle accident and were not at fault. Below are some things you should and should not do if you are a motorcycle accident victim.

1. Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Before you think of anything else after a motorcycle crash, get yourself to the hospital for a checkup. Whether you feel injured or not, seeking immediate medical attention is essential to avoid future complications. Moreover, even if you cannot see any physical injuries, you might have suffered some internal ones that only a medical practitioner can detect.

Therefore, as soon as possible, ensure you visit a doctor and get checked up and treated promptly. Even if all you suffered are bruises and cuts, getting examined is better than risking an undiagnosed illness escalating.

2. Do Not Accept the Blame

If the accident was not directly your fault, you should not accept any part of the blame. There is always tension in the air, and the at-fault party with their insurance companies is looking to discredit your testimony. The purpose is to boycott having to compensate you or at least compensate little.

When discussing the situation, choose your words carefully; never accept the blame. If you have to defend yourself at any point, rather than say, “it is my fault,” say, “I am sorry.” Even if a part of the accident is your fault, do not take responsibility until you face a judge or jury.

Whether or not you go to court, accepting even a small part of the blame means you get a smaller insurance payout. Worse still, you may not get any payout, so remaining quiet is important.

3. Get Professional Legal Representation

When you have checked into the hospital, contact a motorcycle accident specialist lawyer. The earlier you get professional legal representation for your case, the sooner they can start working on it. Your lawyer will handle all the legal matters, such as collecting police reports and witness statements.

You must have a specialist personal injury lawyer to ensure you get your due compensation. Moreover, they can keep you from making mistakes that could cost you your compensation – like accepting fault without a jury or judge. Also, if anything happens to you, your attorney can arrange your life insurance to protect your family financially.

4. Read the Reports

Although collecting police reports is your attorney’s job, you may also want to read them. You can ask your lawyer to get you a copy to see if it is accurate and complete. If there is any part of the report that you do not like, you can always argue against it.

Furthermore, you need these copies as proof and defense if the case is taken to court. For the safety of your health, there is nothing like being too careful.


“Being involved in a motorcycle or car accident is traumatizing and can lead to life-altering issues. Nevertheless, knowing what to do and what not to do after an accident helps you deal with it better.” says attorney Felix Gonzalez of Felix Gonzalez Accident and Injury Law Firm.

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