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Step-by-Step Guide to Structure Your Perfect Essay


The process of writing an essay involves coming up with coherent ideas to support your argument, explain a topic, analyze an idea, or answer a question. Whichever reason for writing it is, they all follow a similar format. To come up with a perfect essay structure, follow these steps. 

Decide on the main topic

According to experts from  Resumethatworks, the first step is identifying what you will be writing. You need something to write about, and settling this, make your writing process more manageable. In some cases, the professor may assign you essay topics. Here, determine the type of essay you will write, such as whether to analyze or give an overview of a subject. Once you settle this, you can begin writing. However, if you have a topic that is not assigned to you, come up with one that is of interest to you and one with a lot of information for that you can take help from AI essay generator

Prepare a map for your ideas

To be successful in structuring a perfect essay, you need to organize your thoughts as they will appear on the paper. You will need a map or an outline of your ideas. It will help you link all the ideas together into a clear and concise discussion. Depending on the type of essay you will be writing about first, note down the essay writing topic. Next, note down the thesis statement and then come up with topic sentences for all the paragraphs. Also, note down mini-sentences of information to support the discussion. By writing down all this information, you develop ideas on what each will discuss. 

Give answers to the main questions

Now that you have created a road map for your essay, the third step is coming up with answers to the main question. When determining how to start an essay, you have to formulate a thesis statement, which is the main question. It informs the reader what you will be talking about all through your writing. To achieve this, come up with supporting ideas to support the thesis. These ideas become answers to the main question. For example, if your primary argument is “capital punishment should be disallowed,” your answers can be “because it violates the right to life and it does not reduce crime.”

Work on the body

Body writing involves you explaining or describing your topic. Note that the body consists of three major parts that include the main point, sub-points, and points explaining the sub-points. 

Decide the main paragraphs

The body paragraphs follow a similar body paragraph structure, and each begins with the primary paragraph. Such a section outlines the main idea of the discussion as the topic sentence. For instance, “Capital punishment should be disallowed because it violates a person’s right to life.”

Work on the subparagraphs

Next, you work on the subparagraphs by developing supporting points towards the topic sentence. The subparagraphs include evidence and examples that elaborate on the position you have taken. If you have some issues in that part you can ask help from professional writing service called write my essay for me. Once you have done this, conclude the paragraph with a sentence that summarizes the points you have made.


When writing an introduction paragraph, begin with information that grabs the attention of the reader. It should be relevant to the topic, accurate and interesting, making the reader continue to read your work. Such information includes a startling fact or statistic, an antidote, or a compelling story. Next, provide a brief background of your topic, beginning from a broad perspective and narrow it down to what you will be discussing. Sum up this section with a thesis statement followed by points that supports it.


The conclusion is the final section of your essay, which brings your discussion to closure. In three to four sentences, evaluate the thesis statement, and summarize your thoughts on the main points. To finish, conclude with an antidote.

Finishing touches

Once you have worked on the introduction, conclusion, and written body paragraphs, you may think that you have completed your writing process. However, this is not the case as your draft requires final touches. These include ensuring all your sections follow the correct order from the introduction, body to the conclusion. Next, you ensure that you have followed the instructions to the letter by checking to see whether your draft makes sense. If you still have some doubts, just provide your topic to reliable writing service, they will be glad to do that work.

Check grammar and spelling

Now that you have completed your essay, the only thing left is for you to proofread it. Begin by re-reading your writing first and correct technical errors. After that, check for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes and fix them. To conclude, ensure you have used quotation marks in the approved manner and cite where necessary.

Structuring a perfect essay involves a lot of activities that you, as a student, may find it challenging to handle. However, the above steps will guide you in finding your way to composing impressive essays that earn you top grades.

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