Stellar Cyber and Netskope Join Forces To Improve Security Outcomes

Improve Security Outcomes

Open XDR (Extended Detection and Response) platform provider Stellar Cyber and Netskope, a leading Security Access Service Edge (SASE) company, have announced an integration of their security tools.

Together, they have accumulated almost two decades of experience using and developing security platforms that are in tune with the latest exploits and evolution of technology.

What does that mean for cyber analysts that have been relying on either Stellar Cyber’s or Netskope’s security platforms? And how can the new integration provide a more accurate and comprehensive solution to fight modern threats?

New Levels of Visibility

Analyzed data aids security analysts in detecting exploits with a quick glance, so they can quickly make informed decisions on how to strengthen security or react to threats that are compromising the organization.

Under this integration, Netskope maintains visibility and control across five lanes of user traffic, including web, managed SaaS, unmanaged SaaS, cloud service providers, and public-facing custom apps in one single-pass cloud architecture. 

At the same time, Stellar Cyber ingests, normalizes, and analyzes Netskope data and all other collected data to identify potential threats creating prioritized, investigation-ready incidents. As security analysts complete incident investigations, Stellar Cyber automatically initiates response actions to third-party products integrated into the solution, including Netskope.

“Making it easy for our customers that use Stellar Cyber to incorporate Netskope’s valuable user insights into their investigations is another way for us to bring them new levels of security visibility,” said Andy Horwitz, VP of Business Development at Netskope. “Making security analysts more productive means attacker dwell time decreases, reduce the risk of breach across our customer’s environment.”

Ready For Modern Threats

Traditional solutions such as firewalls and antivirus software are no longer enough. Businesses need more elaborate tools to fight modern threats, but also solutions that enable them to manage the security they do have.

The integration of Open XDR and SASE is going to be a great aid for cyber analysts that rely on automated tools that help them both to mitigate threats early and make sense of all the threat intelligence data that is being generated at all times.

“Automatically incorporating Netskope’s rich user data into every investigation in the Stellar Cyber platform adds critical context that previously required significant manual effort, which should be especially important to customers with lean security teams focused on reducing the workload on their SOC analysts,” said Andrew Homer, VP, Technology Alliances at Stellar Cyber. “With this integration, we continue to deliver what our customers, and the market, expect.”

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