StealthEX Integrates Bitcoin Lightning for Enhanced Crypto Trading

StealthEX Integrates Bitcoin Lightning for Enhanced Crypto Trading

StealthEX is pleased to announce the addition of the widely discussed Bitcoin Lightning to its extensive collection of more than 1400 cryptocurrencies. Users of the platform can now benefit from quick BTC-LIGHTNING exchanges at the best rates. This expansion of available crypto assets furthers StealthEX’s commitment to simplifying trading and promoting cryptocurrency adoption.

Bitcoin Lightning and Its Key Features

The Lightning Network is a Layer-2 solution on the Bitcoin blockchain. This network leverages the concept of payment channels as stated by the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto. The protocol enables the creation of a peer-to-peer payment channel between two parties. Both parties can conduct transactions with one another using a Lightning Network channel. Advantages of the Lightning Network over the traditional Bitcoin blockchain include:

  • Scalability
  • Speed
  • Micropayment support
  • Low energy requirements

The scalability challenge of the Bitcoin blockchain stems from its design where each transaction adds a new block, limiting the network’s growth. By removing the transactions from the blockchain while taking security and anonymity into account, the Lightning Network resolves this issue. 

Another advantage of the Lightning Network is the facilitation of quick micropayments. For Web3 applications such as gaming, fast micropayments are the way of the future, and enabling this use case is critical to the chain’s usability.

Finally, the Lightning Network uses less energy to run its nodes because the transactions are removed from the chain. This reduction in energy requirement for transactions, as opposed to conducting them directly on the Bitcoin network, carries significant implications for sustainability.

StealthEX: Quick & Private Cross-Chain Crypto Swaps

StealthEX is an instant crypto exchange platform that finds the best rates, liquidity, and prices for the trading pair, and it displays the conversion rate for crypto-to-crypto trade. When the trader confirms the order, the swap is executed with the exchange. The service seeks to offer competitive rates based on various calculations including pricing structure, gas fees, slippage, and different optimized trade routes. 

The StealthEX service operates on a non-custodial basis and maintains privacy, enabling users to purchase digital assets swiftly without needing extensive knowledge of cryptocurrencies or concerns over anonymity and the security of their holdings. For fiat transactions totaling less than €700, users do not need to comply with KYC regulations.

StealthEX offers the advantage of cross-chain swaps for greater crypto flexibility and interoperability within the crypto space. This feature is one of the most unique highlights of the platform. 

The exchange is also known for excellent customer support to resolve issues.

Expanding Crypto Reach with Lightning Integration

By adding Bitcoin Lightning into its extensive crypto offerings, StealthEX helps to expand the horizons of the cryptocurrency industry, which is in need of further adoption, cross-chain interconnection, and solidification. It’s vital for StealthEX to ensure users have a top-tier experience, with the ability to exchange crypto seamlessly and without limitations. The platform’s goal is to demystify the crypto-swapping process, thereby making it more user-friendly and widely attainable. The platform’s goal is to demystify the crypto-swapping process, thereby making it more user-friendly and widely attainable. ggg hhh

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