StealthEX and Plug Wallet Join Forces to Enhance Crypto Accessibility and Privacy

StealthEX and Plug Wallet Join Forces to Enhance Crypto Accessibility and Privacy

StealthEX broadens Its integration horizon, proudly unveiling its latest addition with Plug Wallet. This collaboration not only foresees an uptick in user engagement but also enriches Plug Wallet users’ experience with easy access to StealthEX’s extensive array of cryptocurrencies.

Plug Wallet: Streamlining Digital Asset Management

Plug Wallet is a user-friendly browser extension that allows users to conveniently access and manage ICP (Internet Computer) utility tokens. Available on the App Store, this extension supports holding, sending, and swapping ICP, Cycles, NFTs, and various other tokens. Essentially, Plug functions as both a wallet and an authentication provider service, enabling users to log into Internet Computer dApps with just a single click. Plug Wallet enables users to:

  • Log into IC apps from their browser (and soon mobile device) using the same Principal ID.
  • Manage, send, and receive all your IC assets from one place, with one ID.
  • Save contacts (aka name ID’s) in a local storage address book.

Plug Wallet was created by the team behind Fleek, a Web3 venture production studio building open internet services on the Internet Computer. It’s worth noting that developers on the Internet Computer can use the IC Provider API to interact with the extension of their visitors/users browser and integrate Plug as an authentication option/provider, using the PlugAgent to proxy-sign canister request with the user’s identity. Plug Wallet offers seamless web/app experiences on the Internet Computer, handling authentication and wallet connection. Developers can:

  • Authenticate users, and their balances, in one click with just a Principal ID.
  • Trigger transfers or transaction requests to user’s wallets from apps.
  • Query and display a user’s balances in the app.

StealthEX: Effortless and Private Crypto Swapping

StealthEX is an instant crypto exchange platform that finds the best rates, liquidity and prices for the trading pair, and it displays the conversion rate for crypto-to-crypto trade. When the trader confirms the order, the swap is executed with the exchange. The service seeks to offer competitive rates based on various calculations including pricing structure, gas fees, slippage and different optimized trade routes. 

The platform’s immense cryptocurrency bank – over 1400 crypto assets – makes it easy to swap even between the most unique and rare cryptocurrencies. The platform is non-custodial, and the process is private, so anyone can buy a digital asset instantly without learning much about cryptocurrencies, worrying about their anonymity or the safety of their digital assets. For fiat transactions totaling less than €700 in value, users won’t have to abide by the know your customer (KYC) regulations.

One of the benefits of swapping crypto via StealthEX is its cross-chain swaps. This allows for more flexibility and interoperability within the crypto space and may be one of the most unique key features of the platform. When it comes to user satisfaction, the customer support service offered by this exchange is very good for resolving all your issues. Should a user experience any problems using this platform’s service, they need to contact the StealthEX support team.

StealthEX and Plug Wallet for a Seamless Crypto Purchasing Experience

StealthEX integration provides Plug Wallet customers with new, broader opportunities for crypto swap. Thanks to its wide range of cryptocurrencies, StealthEX will be able to streamline the exchange process for Plug Wallet’s users, enabling them to manage their digital assets effectively. This leads to further enhancements in the overall customer experience and better prospects for both companies. By adding more connectivity to the digital space, StealthEX and Plug Wallet further broaden the range of assets and opportunities for traders, investors, and crypto enthusiasts.

By integrating StealthEX into its ecosystem, Plug Wallet provides their users with a wider range of exchange options. This partnership lets both crypto enthusiasts and investors alike get easier access to a variety of digital assets.

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