Statute of Limitations Colorado

Every state has its statute of limitations. Similarly, there is a statute of limitations in Colorado that you need to understand. In addition, the statute of limitations sets the time limits for the debt. In addition, the Colorado Department of revenue must comply with the state’s income tax statute of limitations laws. Generally, the Department of Revenue in Colorado bases its limitations on the federal limitation time but includes year to the federal limitation time. So, the limited time for each tax assessment against a Colorado taxpayer depends on the federal filing of the taxpayer. The statute of limitations is what a debt settlement company keeps in mind to get you the best results. 

Understanding the  Statute of Limitations Colorado:

This limits the time lenders and collecting agencies have to sue consumers for nonpayment. This time limit is set by each state and varies from years to 10 years. In the statute of limitations, Colorado on debt is three years for written contracts, oral contracts, promissory notes, and open-ended accounts. Moreover, Colorado is one of the few states where debt collection time limits are the same across every platform. However, the major purpose of a statute of limitations in Colorado for credit card debt is to secure creditors. The 6-year period applies to debts deriving from breaches of written agreements like credit cards, mortgages, and medical debts. Creditors can also get a judgment lien from a court ruling. It allows a creditor to place a lien on the non-exempt properties of a debtor. In this situation, the debtor is responsible for paying the creditor from proceeds. They get it from reselling or refinancing that property. This type of debt collection has a statute of limitations of 6 years. It can be renewed for an additional 6 or 20 years. 

Date from which Statute of Limitations Colorado Calculated:

In several instances, the time for the statute of limitations is calculated from the last activity on the account or the date that the account first became past due. However, it may base on what occurred later. Therefore, you can reset the statute of limitations in Colorado if you pay on an account. For instance, if you have a credit card account balance of 500 dollars and are valuable to make a payment for five years, the statute of limitations would be increased within the next year. Although if you make even a small payment in response to collections pressure, you can restart the clock. In addition to this, the creditor could have another 6 years to try to collect the remaining amount of debt.

Way to Handle Debt Collection Complaints in Colorado:

There is no doubt about it that ignoring a debt collection lawsuit is a bad idea. It is because it may lead to a default judgment against you. Rather than that, you need to read and respond to the complaint on time. Colorado allows you to file your answer up to 21 days from the day you get the debt collection summons. Before doing that, ensuring that the debt belongs to you and the quoted amount is correct is essential. After that, you need to determine whether the debt is time-barred. Remember, a time-barred debt is one whose statute of limitations has expired. So, the creditor has no legal right to sue for the debt. Apart from this, you must still file your answer with the court where the lawsuit was filed. Ideally, your answer has your response to all the complaints in the summons. You can also agree on a few claims, dispute others or deny the complete debt collection lawsuit. In your answer, you can also assert your affirmative defenses stating why the credit collector doesn’t have a case against you. One of the assertive defenses you can utilize is that the debt is time-barred. 


To prevent a creditor from taking to debtors to court long after evidence of the debt has been discarded or disappeared with a statute of limitations colorado. Remember that the statute of limitations for credit card debt is a law that limits the amount of time lenders have to sue consumers for nonpayment.

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