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Static Shielding Bags Market Witnessing Impressive Growth Due To Increasing Application and Usage in Consumer Goods Industry

The rise in high-end product manufacturing across all major industries has created a lucrative market for packaging. Because there is always a fear of damage during transportation, these high-end products face numerous challenges in terms of distribution channels. Any product rupture can render it unusable or result in negative consequences.

Because of the increase in electronics and electrical applications across the distribution channel, the product is more susceptible to static electricity damage. All of these major factors have influenced the global market for static shielding bags.

Static shielding bags have metal shielding and polyester dielectric properties, which prevent static current from entering the bag, in addition to the antistatic and dissipative properties of regular poly bags. Metalized polyester and dissipative poly laminate are used to make static shielding bags, which have several layers of protection. Static shielding bags are ideal packaging for preserving a product’s brand new appearance and quality. Physical trauma, moisture, and vital electrostatic discharge are all protected by static shielding bags.

Although Alufoil bags are ideal, Mylar bags are becoming increasingly popular.

Foil bags, alufoil bags, and mylar bags are the three product types that make up the static shielding bags market. Alufoil bags have been used for decades because of their excellent barrier, antioxidant, and waterproof properties. Alufoil bags are widely used in the packaging of electrical and electronic products, as well as in food packaging. The market for static shielding bags is expected to grow due to its growing use in pharmaceutical packaging.

Mylar bags are rapidly gaining popularity in the food storage industry, and they have revolutionised the way food is stored for long periods of time. Heat, light, moisture, oxygen, and rodents create a barrier between the food and the surrounding environmental conditions, such as mylar bags. The static shielding bags market in the food industry is being driven by a rise in consumer preference for storing food and the aesthetic appeal of mylar bags.

The Asia Pacific market for static shielding bags is expected to lead the global market.

Due to the massive increase in the sales of electronics goods and the growing consumer preference for food storage through static shielding bags, Asia Pacific leads the market for static shielding bags in terms of regional demand. Furthermore, over the forecast period, North American and European countries are expected to see a gradual increase in the adoption of static shielding bags for residential, commercial, and industrial use. This factor is expected to drive the market for static shielding bags in these regions. Over the forecast period, the market for static shielding bags in the Middle East and Africa is expected to grow significantly.

The market for static shielding bags is highly fragmented, with only a few packaging companies having a global presence and offering unique static shielding bags solutions. It’s also hampered by the presence of a slew of local players selling low-cost static shielding bags. 3M, Desco Industries, Inc., Tekins Limited, Elcom (U.K.) Ltd., GWP Group Limited, Botron Company Inc., International Plastics, Dou Yee Enterprises, Antistat, Stream Peak, and Hisco are among the top key players in the static shielding bags market. Because of the high investment by top players in R&D for long-term application, the static shielding bags market is expected to see new product development over the forecast period.

This research study provides a comprehensive analysis of the market, as well as historical intelligence, actionable insights, and an industry-validated and statistically supported market forecast. For the development of this comprehensive study, a verified and appropriate set of assumptions and methodology were used. The report’s information and analysis on key market segments has been divided into weighted chapters.

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