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Stater.Finance introduces new technologies to tokenize goods

Stater.Finance, an IT company specializing in financial management and asset tokenization, has announced the launch of a new technology for digitizing physical goods. Through the platform’s tools, users can tokenize physical goods such as corn, meat, wheat, cotton, gems, and metals.

“At the moment, there are no tools avalible in the market that allow the tokenization of goods available on retail markets and stock exchanges. We intend to provide such a tool for small and medium-sized businesses. Our platform will enable the rapid tokenization of goods and their presentation on international trading platforms,” the company commented.

In essence, the Stater.Finance platform will connect product manufacturers, investors, and traders. Businesses can tokenize their products, while investors can invest in specific companies. This will enable businesses to expand seamlessly and without geographical limitations.

“Our solutions make business truly international. Tokens for cotton, meat, or metals will be traded on our platform and other trading platforms, backed by real goods. At the same time, we pay special attention to user data protection and insurance,” commented Stater.Finance.

What problems does Stater.Finance solve?

  1. Difficulty with getting bank loans
    in countries like Argentina results in a lack of liquidity for commodity producers
  2. The absence of a transparent mechanism for issuing product quotas and accounting for them results in businesses entering into oral contracts or confusing agreements on paper.
  3. Weakness of many local currencies
    means there’s little opportunity to buy USD, and the need for an inflation hedge grows strong.
  4. Uneven cash flow (during a sale, there’s an excess of it, and it’s absent when it’s needed) increases the risk of inflation.
  5. Earning on resale of commodities is not possible because it’s not commodities, but futures that are for sale.,
  6. Little opportunity for direct sale of products for export means companies have to attract intermediaries.
What do we offer

Liquidity-on-demand for producers

We use tokenized goods (or future goods) to get the required liquidity from the market.

Comprehensive legal instruments

There is a comprehensive legal framework behind the platform that secures all parties involved.

Transparent asset management

You can always view the financial instruments that are utilized to work with the capital.

Low-risk portfolio

The platform provides an excellent opportunity to invest in low-risk assets.

The Stater.Finance platform is set to be launched by the end of the year. Users will also have access to features such as electronic document management, contract management, e-invoicing, and various other tools for effective trading.

Stater.Finance, a leading IT and financial management firm, is revolutionizing the market with its innovative technology for tokenizing physical goods such as corn, meat, wheat, and precious metals. Addressing current market gaps, the platform facilitates easier access to liquidity for producers, offers transparent asset management, and introduces a solid legal framework to safeguard all stakeholders.


STATER is a hybrid IT and financial management company. We are developing technology that simplifies investing in tokenized physical commodities (RWA), including corn, meat, wheat, cotton, precious metals, and diamonds, among others. The platform offers all the necessary functionalities for commodity producers, traders, brokers, asset managers, and financial institutions to create an efficient tokenized ecosystem for a range of digital products.

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