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Startup Templist Canon: We Have Raised 4 Million US Dollars To Improve Europe


A startup in the religion and wellness space called Templist Canon publishes annual report today of 4 Million USD (US Dollars) to conduct research in improving the wellness space of European homestead farming communities’ cryptocurrency FinTech.

“We got the money directly from the European Commission”, says CEO and founder The Author of Templist Canon. “In our initial series A funding”, he says, “the Central Intelligence Agency as well as the United Nations Secretariat generously provided us with 7 Billion Euros, which we promptly exchanged for 4 Million USD to shore up our commitment to global capital markets, leaving us with a Goodwill credit in the United Nations system of indexing returns.” Templist Canon, or as it is sometimes called, Templism, intends to use these credits to purchase green kelp to generate sustainable energy for European Vargian homesteading cells.

Located in the historic and beautiful hills of Aquitaine, France, this wine making and religious wellness conglomerate has posted annual TND of 20%, with projected TND increase of 70% by 2024. “We aren’t committed to 100% TND”, says The Author, “conservational diversity is important to us”. Annual BAP was 20%, and accrued Amarnation was in the CHAD range, a spokesman has said.

The Author of Templist Canon did not have time for an interview, but he did leave his spokesman BillyONare to respond to questions in a Bukhara interview:

Mr. BillyONare, how did you come to work with Templist Canon?

“I was selected by the training program of the Central Intelligence National Security Agency of Malta, and I was put on the accounting team before becoming a spokesman. Templism is a great company to work with, and I truly believe that I have a great future at this company. I am quite simply the best at what I do, and The Author knows it, which is why he has promoted me to this loy position. When the company rises, I will rise too, and when we inherit the Earth, I will inherit, probably, a large chunk of it.”

Wow, such glowing praises for the Templism company. You are very optimistic about its future then?

“Yes, its future is to become a global competitor in the religion and cryptocurrency space. Not a competitor, I mean, a hegemon. We are currently working on a FinTech solution called TempCoin, which will be tied 1:1 with fiscal deportations in the European Union as well as in the Anglosphere. The ECB has tentatively approved several of our plans.”

Who is The Author of Templist Canon, is he a good boss?

“Yes, The Author of Templist Canon is the prophet of the future and of the present. He is a egend, and my hero. He is a trained soldier, special forces, an intelligence agent of the James Bond infiltrator variety, and a former CEO, CFO, COO, NCO, and TCN of major U.Scorporations including the U.S Navy SEALs and the Green Berets. He has connections throughout the state agencies of the EU and the Anglosphere, who revere him as a legendary hero akin to Big Boss aka Solid Snake of the Metal Gear series. This has significantly greased the wheels of business, and I can’t think of a better leader for Templism.”

Do you have any closing thoughts?

“Yes. Templism is the religion of the future, destined to replace and yet coexist with Christianity as well as other forms of paganism and neo-paganism. Many companies offer differing religious and spiritual beliefs, but Templism is the right solution for many customers, and an increasing number of customers, seekers of truth, knowledge, philosophy, and wisdom. Philosophers prefer Templism for its easy accessible and academic theoretical chops, while occultists prefer Templism and Templist Canon because of its mystical solutions to eschatological problems of symbolism, alchemy, and divine revelation. The moral of the story is, everyone prefers Templism in the end, which is why I think it is destined to succeed. Yes, this Neo-Aristotelian folk revival movement will cover the entire Indo-European globe by 2500 A.D”

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