Startup Secures $20M in Funding for Metaverse Project Led by Industry Veteran

Metaverse Project Led by Industry Veteran

Ivan Malakhov, an award-winning marketing expert with over 15 years of global experience, has been instrumental in Nümi‘s success in the Metaverse influencer space.

In this exclusive interview, Malakhov discusses his role in launching initiatives like the Numi Tribe, a manga series in collaboration with Eigomanga, as well as other ventures within the Web3 and Metaverse space. 

Insights with Ivan Malakhov

How does Numi Tribe align with Nümi’s strategic goals and impact audience engagement and company growth?

At Nümi, we understand that in the new economy, it is not about interrupting people with mass marketing. It’s about creating tribes, groups of people connected to each other, to a leader, and to an idea. Numi Tribe is a perfect example of this.

We’re not just creating characters; we’re making a movement—a group of people identifying with our vision and values. By giving them a platform to connect and co-create, we’re boosting engagement metrics and building a loyal community that will grow with us.

In the Web3 era, the winning brands will stand for something bigger than themselves. At Nümi, we stand for the power of storytelling and community in the metaverse age.

At Nümi, you redefined marketing on the Venom Blockchain, helping secure a $20M investment. What challenges did you face in marketing within the metaverse, and how did you overcome them to attract investments and expand globally?

Marketing in the metaverse is a challenge because there is no map. We’re all explorers in this new world, trying to figure out the landscape. The biggest challenge is that most people are still trying to apply old marketing paradigms to this new space.

At Nümi, we understood early on that we needed a new approach. We focused on creating remarkable experiences. We did not just tell people about the potential of the metaverse; we showed them with immersive demos and compelling stories.

We also built trust through transparency and authenticity. We were open about our vision, our challenges, and our progress, which attracted not just investors but partners and advocates worldwide.

The $20M investment from Venom Venture Fund validated this approach. It showed that in the metaverse, the best marketing does not look like marketing.

With over 15 years in marketing, how do you use your experience to drive growth in the Metaverse and Web3 sectors?

The key skill I’ve learned is adaptability, not just specific tactics. The Metaverse and Web3 shift how we interact and transact online. To foster growth, we must unlearn traditional marketing and embrace co-creation, experiences, and community. 

My role is to guide our team and partners through this shift by encouraging experimentation and learning from failures. I also bridge traditional marketing with new approaches to accelerate growth and adoption.

How do technologies like Unreal Engine 5 and advanced role-play algorithms shape Nümi’s marketing strategies? What trends do you see for virtual influencers and AI companions?

With tools like Unreal Engine 5 and advanced AI, we are not just facing a new channel, we’re facing a new reality.

These advancements are at the core of our marketing strategy at Numi. They allow us to create experiences that blur the line between the real and the virtual—experiences that engage and immerse people in our world.

Of course, with this power comes great responsibility. As marketers, we have to ask ourselves: Are we using these tools to create genuine value or just to grab attention? We have made a commitment to always put the user first—to use technology in service of storytelling, not the other way around.

As for future trends, I believe we will see virtual influencers and AI companions become more than just novelties. They’ll become integral to how we learn, play, and connect in the metaverse. But the ones that succeed will be those who can build real, emotional connections, who can pass the Turing test not just of intelligence but of empathy.

What key lessons have you learned about entrepreneurship in the digital and virtual domains? Where do you see the Metaverse and Web3 heading, and how has your work positioned Nümi for these developments?

Entrepreneurship in the digital age is about surfing the waves of change. The key is to stay flexible, curious, and true to your core values.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that in the virtual world, community is everything. Your success is directly tied to the strength and engagement of your tribe. But building a real community takes more than just a Discord server or a Twitter handle. It takes a genuine commitment to serving and empowering your members.

I see Metaverse and Web3 as the next frontier of human connection and creativity. They are places where the boundaries between brand and community will continue to blur.

At Nümi, we’re shaping the future by innovating with virtual influencers, authentic storytelling, and advanced technology, defining the metaverse. But we are not doing it alone; we are building the future with our community, creators, and allies in Web3. Together, we are creating a future where technology serves humanity and stories unite us.

Wrapping Up

By prioritizing a community-centric approach, Ivan Malakhov’s strategic initiatives at Nümi have significantly contributed to the company’s growth and audience engagement. The current state of the metaverse and virtual influencers is poised to change how the world perceives the digital realm. 

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