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Best Starting Heroes for Overwatch 2 Newcomers

It may have launched with 21 heroes, but now Overwatch has 36 heroes! That’s certainly a lot of abilities, ultimate’s, strengths and weaknesses to learn if you’re new to the game. If you’re new to the game, this can be overwhelming. Especially when you’re simultaneously trying to learn maps, objectives and synergies! 

But don’t worry, we’re going to break down a handful of easy-to-pick-up heroes which will help start your Overwatch journey off with a bang (and plenty of wins, too).


While many players will be averse to the idea of playing a healer, Overwatch’s support heroes are among the most loved in the game. Not only that, but they can also be a great place to start as you get to grips with map layouts, team compositions and other strategies. 

They are a great starting point because they: (1) have self-heal, (2) have a hybrid playstyle between damage and support and (3) most of them have effective ways of avoiding damage or evading enemies.


Moira may not be a mainstay of pro play, but she can absolutely dominate low-rank lobbies. This is due to her being able to output huge healing and damage numbers.

She is a great pick for newcomers thanks to her biotic orb and biotic grasp which both provide Moira with great ways to heal herself and deal damage to enemies. Not only that, but her healing potential is huge!

Her fade also provides a quick out if you ever get overwhelmed by enemies.

Ultimately, Moira can dish out chaos while keeping herself alive, making her a top pick for newcomers.


If you prefer to shoot, Baptiste can be a good choice. Although he doesn’t have as many self-heal options as Moira, Baptiste still has a strong self-heal in the form of his regenerative burst (which also heals nearby allies).

Baptiste’s immortality field is also a game-changing ability. It provides invulnerability to allies within a short radius, so it can be incredibly satisfying to play to nullify an enemy attack or ultimate.

Baptise also has great vertical mobility in the form of his jump boots!


While Lucio’s skill ceiling is arguably higher than Baptiste and Moira, that doesn’t mean new players can’t get huge value out of him. This is mainly thanks to his AOE (area of effect) healing, which passively provides healing to all teammates within a radius. Because of this, you can focus on dishing out damage instead of healing.

Lucio’s speed boost and boop are also game-changing abilities, both offensively and defensively.


It used to be a very tricky, and much hated, role. But since the update to Overwatch 2, Tanks have been beefed up into formidable opponents. That said, poor positioning and ability management can still lead to quick deaths—so we suggest starting out with the following tanks:


The most iconic of all the game’s tanks, Reinhardt is a great pick thanks to his huge shield which provides the most effective way to block incoming damage in the entire game.

This shield provides huge value to both yourself and your entire team. As a result, Reinhardt becomes the hub of any team, so you are sure to get lots of healing.

Reinhardt also has great damage potential, and his ultimate is known for team wipes!


Unlike Reinhardt, Roadhog is a brawler-style tank, who’s focus is purely dealing damage. His hook and powerful scrap gun make Roadhog a formidable enemy, while his self-healing helps to keep you alive.

However, Roadhog can be an easy target for enemy damage due to his size. 


Zarya’s mechanics are slightly more difficult than Reinhardt and Roadhog, but her damage output and survivability and huge thanks to her two bubbles—which charge up her weapon as you take damage.

Zarya does require good support and carefully timed bubbles to reach her full potential, but she is a force to be reckoned with.


Damage dealers are by far the toughest category of hero to play in Overwatch given that they lack the healing and health-pools of support and tank heroes. These squishy heroes need careful positioning and (often) good aim to really maximise their output, so we recommend you play the other categories first. However if you want to become a damage main, here are our recommendations of where to start.

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The biggest asset of this engineer is his turret, which can dish out huge amounts of damage and catch enemy players off guard. His rivet gun also deals out large amounts of damage with a great range, and his overload ability even gives him a way to escape tricky situations thanks to its overhealth and speed boost.


If you’ve ever played a shooter, Soldier:76 is exactly what you’d expect. He’s got a typical machine gun and grenade (well, rocket) launcher which are super effective at dishing out high levels of damage. He even has self-heal, which can keep you alive in a pinch.

Ultimately, soldier is a damage all-rounder, making him a good place to start.

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