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Starting a Career in Fintech: An Introduction

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Fintech, or financial technology, is a growing area in various locations around the world. The industry is becoming increasingly appealing to all kinds of professionals and students, promising exciting opportunities in everything from cryptocurrency to digital banking. As the world continues through its period of digital transformation, fintech promises a future where we can all manage our money more effectively. 

The industry unites the latest innovations in technology and finances, and uses them for crowdfunding, money management tools, and digital banking experiences powered by tools like blockchain. Because companies will always need professionals who can offer assistance with both finances and technology, there will always be a demand for skill in this vertical. So, should you start a career in fintech? Let’s find out.

Consider Your Options

A career in fintech can cover many different facets of the industry. For instance, if you’re the kind of person who feels at ease with numbers and data analysis, then you could pursue a career as a data analysis expert for a bank or financial group. The world we live in is generating endless amounts of data today, and companies need experts who can translate the insights from that data into actionable ideas and results. 

In a career like this, you can transfer your skills across multiple industries (everyone uses data) and improve the growth of companies and startups. Alternatively, if you prefer the creative side of technology, and you want to put your coding knowledge to the test, you could be responsible for creating financial banking applications, or designing AI algorithms for big companies. Take your time to make a list of all the things that interest you about the fintech environment, then ask yourself which careers you can build from those things. This list of likes and dislikes about the industry will also guide you towards finding the right educational path for your future career. 

Getting the Right Education

Once you know what kind of jobs are available in this industry, you need to develop your education. If you already have a good idea of the job you want to do, the easiest strategy is to research job listings for people with that role. What skills are asked for that you don’t have yet? What sort of degree seems to generate the most attention from employers?

Some professionals prefer to start with a student loan from a private lender so they can get their degree in mathematics and business development. You can often focus on areas like finance and business growth while getting your degree. Alternatively, you might prefer to look into the technology landscape, and get your degree in STEM fields. From there, you can look into getting experience with financial companies and developing your skills in that area. Education in this industry can start small with basic bachelor’s degrees that cover things like math and data science, and extend all the way to master’s degrees in things like data analytics, fintech, and artificial intelligence. The higher your education, the more opportunities you’ll have to take your pick of fintech careers going forward.

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