StartApp Launches Mobilechain, A Platform That Aims To Bring Blockchain To The Masses.

StartApp has recently announced its blockchain platform that will enable developers and publishers to integrate cryptocurrency and blockchain based services into mobile applications.

What is StartApp?

StartApp is an insight-driven mobile company that has chosen to implement the blockchain technology in order to revolutionize the way we work with mobile applications. It is one of the leading mobile data and media companies, having more than 1.5 billion mobile users throughout the world.

StartApp leverages the valuable insights gained into a mobile user’s behaviors and intents, in order to create an innovative mobile-driven solution that would help its partners optimize and execute business strategies in a better way. Currently, StartApp is partnering with more than 400,000 applications to reach over 1 billion MAUs throughout the globe.

What is Mobilechain all about?

StartApp will be launching Mobilechain, which is a blockchain based platform for mobile applications, in order to facilitate the movement of blockchain technology from the mobile app developer networks to the mobile user base. With Mobilechain, StartApp aims on accelerating the mass market adoption of blockchain technology. They plan on achieving this goal by distributing this technology across the globe through mobiles, the biggest market in the world.

However, before any publisher or developer is completely able to integrate the blockchain technology with their applications, they may encounter several hurdles. One of the major problems is not having expert mobile application developers. Tasks like securing cryptocurrency wallets, building smart contracts and handling both, public and private keys, require a deep understanding and practical knowledge of blockchain technology, which is lacking in many developers.  

To cross this hurdle, Mobilechain was developed. The Mobilechain platform eradicates such hurdles by distributing pre-developed features and blockchain technology to mobile developers through a system that many developers are already aware of, the SDKs.

Features and Benefits that Mobilechain provides

Mobilechain is packed with a large number of executable operations that developers will be easily able to execute. A few of them are:

  • Developing a secure cryptocurrency wallet: Mobilechain allows publishers and mobile users manage and ingress cryptocurrencies in mobile applications by letting them manage keys remotely through an encrypted server
  • Constructing a crypto-economy: With the Mobilechain Token, enterprises and brands can provide amazing rewards to the users who create good contents. Rewards are also provided to users who visit their physical stores.
  • Fabricating smart contracts: All kinds of app publishers will be able to import predefined smart contract templates and perform in-app peer-to-peer transactions through the Mobilechain Portal.


StartApp has definitely taken a major step in revolutionizing mobile applications. Soon, many mobile technology companies would be seen shifting to blockchain technology to enjoy the best of its benefits. All of the blockchain integrations that would take place will be done through Mobilechain SDKs so that it becomes easy for any app developer to utilize the blockchain technology, regardless of their technical skills.

In an interview with the CEO and Co-Founder of StartApp, Gil Dudkiewicz, stated that, “StartApp believes blockchain technology will be the key to transforming the mobile economy. With StartApp’s expertise in mobile and our vast community of app developers, Mobilechain felt like a natural progression for us.”

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