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Trading Cryptos

Let’s face it, you have always wanted to improve your crypto trading skills, but you never seemed to achieve what professional traders are able to.

Bitsgap is a crypto algorithmic and bot trading service that can give you all the necessary tools to upskill your trading with ease. This is done through its interface that allows you to connect with your favorite crypto exchange remotely.

The High Demand for Crypto Trading Bots

The global market of crypto trading bots is estimated to grow to $US 9.2 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 28.6%. The major drivers for the growth of the crypto trading bots market are the need for advanced features in trading bot development, rising popularity of AI-based chatbots, and the increasing adoption of cloud-based solutions.

While cryptocurrency trading in 2023 is expected to reach $1.9 trillion, according to a new report by Juniper Research. The research predicts that the growth will be driven by an increase in institutional investment, as well as the continued adoption of cryptocurrencies by individual investors and businesses.

The report notes that the cryptocurrency market has seen tremendous growth in recent years, despite challenges such as regulatory uncertainty and volatile prices. Cryptocurrency trading platforms have also become more sophisticated, offering features such as margin trading and derivatives that appeal to institutional investors.

As the market matures, Juniper expects to see increased regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges and greater clarity around taxation. This will provide greater certainty for institutional investors, who are currently hesitant to enter the market due to these uncertainties.

The cryptocurrency trading market is still relatively small compared to other financial markets, but it is growing rapidly. If current trends continue, Juniper expects the market to reach $5 trillion by 2025.

Crypto trading bots will also continue to grow as technology advances and more traders get involved in cryptocurrency trading. It is clear that this technology has great potential for both individual traders and larger investment firms, allowing them to automate their trades in a safe, secure, and efficient manner.

Advanced Trading Through Smart Orders

One major advantage that you can gain through Bitsgap is access to trading orders that your exchange might not even provide. Depending on your crypto exchange, you will find simple orders such as Market, Take Profit, and Stop Loss, but advanced orders are highly dependent on the exchange’s offerings and target market.

The result is that you may find the order types lacking. The only way to gain access to such order types is typically registering on another exchange that does offer these and then shifting all your assets there.

However, with Bitsgap, there is no need for that. Users can employ all the most commonly used advanced trading orders such as Trailing, TWAP, OCO, and even Scaled orders with Bitsgap.

Automated Trading With Bitsgap Bot

With the crypto market running nonstop 24/7, there is always a chance of missing a trading opportunity, or worse, failing to cut off losses.

This is where Bitsgap really shines. Thanks to its trading bots, you can set up automated trading and let them do all the buying and selling for you. Bitsgap also offers different bots of different types.

The GIRD trading bots can be used to set up multiple Buy and Sell orders in tandem to allow for different profit-making strategies, such as dip buying or day trading, capturing fluctuations in the market.

The DCA bot is particularly useful in investing in an asset with multiple prices so that, in the end, the average cost is much lower (Dollar Cost Averaging). The DCA bot can be set up to use MACD and RSI signals for outperforming the market, pure DCA, or using channel buying.

For the daring, Bitsgap even has COMBO futures trading bot that allows them to go long or short up to 10x using crypto derivatives. With automatic longs in a bullish scenario and going short in a bearish scenario, traders can be at ease and worry free.

All Bitsgap bots come with pre-built strategies that can be set up and run in a matter of minutes. Advanced users can also create custom strategies for their favorite assets and gain better profit chances.

Multiple Exchanges, One Interface

As already told, Bitsgap offers a single trading terminal for the top major crypto exchanges. The result is that traders can save time and effort since they can use multiple crypto exchanges through a single app.

The terminal also has the additional advantage of offering the same interface, no matter which exchange is used. This means users don’t need to familiarize themselves with the different interfaces of each exchange.

The instantaneous access to different exchanges also means that Bitsgap users can take advantage of the slight delays or differences in between the exchanges, helping them to react to the market faster than other traders.

Trading Must, But Safety First!

In light of the different breaches on different platforms, such as 3Commas, Bitsgap has put the safety of its users and their assets at the highest priority.

As a trading bot service, Bitsgap limits its access to user funds and information. Users only interact with the Bitsgap interface to access their exchange accounts through APIs.

Secondly, Bitsgap deploys a 2048-bit encryption. This is the strongest one available in the industry. The encryption is bolstered further by powerful firewalls.

All Bitsgap users are also encouraged to employ Two Factor Authentication (2FA). This includes accessing their Bitsgap account and respective crypto exchange APIs. Bitsgap even itself uses a hardware-based 2FA.

The result is a bot and trading service that has stronger security than even the top banks in the world.

Why Bitsgap?

Bitsgap is one of the fastest growing trading bot services. With more than 500 traders worldwide who have automated their crypto trading, they use around 3.7 million bots daily to enhance their crypto income.

Bitsgap systems handle more than $300 billion in trading volume, thanks to its ability to provide a fully automatic portfolio handling system.

With three easy packages, Bitsgap provides smart trading solutions for small, medium, and big traders.

Its basic package is set at $29 per month and offers COMBO futures bots, GRID trading bots, and 10 DCA bots. For the more active players, the Advanced package at $69 per month gives 5 GRID and 50 DCA, along with Future bots and trailing orders.

For the professionals, the PRO package ($149/month) offers COMBO futures bots, 25 GRID, and 250 DCA bots that can be used with Trailing and Take Profit orders.


Cryptocurrency trading is anticipated to grow exponentially with an estimated growth rate of more than 40% this 2023. This increase in the popularity and use of cryptocurrencies will continue to create a wealth of opportunities for investors. Cryptocurrency traders should keep a close eye on the changing landscape and innovations in crypto algorithms as it continues to develop over the next few years.  In this article on the advancements made by Bitgap and crypto bots, we hope that more traders will become aware of the benefits.

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