Starflow: Millennial Entrepreneur David Gabor’s Solution to the Scattered Influencer Ecosystem

With the rise of social media platforms has come the rise of influencers, celebrities who’ve grown and maintained large and dedicated fan bases through these websites and applications. Discovering and following different celebrities can be difficult for fans, however, as the wide variety of outlets for content creators forces users to bounce around platforms in order to make sure they get all the content they desire. In addition, fans of up and coming artists have difficulty accessing all art and content that artists put out as they are scattered across yet another set of social media platforms.

Starflow, the brainchild of 21-year-old David Gabor, is planning to simplify the influencer ecosystem not only for consumers of the media, but also for content creators themselves, allowing for the simplest and comprehensive system yet for accessing the wide world of social media creation and promotion. Starflow has developed a consumer platform that centralizes content from all social media platforms, allowing for easier than ever access to the world of influencer content.

Gabor, an entrepreneur with over 8 years of experience in disruptive technology, utilizes his experience in UX/UI design to create an easy to use and clean app interface that allows users to browse content from all sorts of platforms. Users can filter by keyword to easily find artists and other content creators making interesting work they otherwise would have missed. Users can then save these new artists for easy access to either share with friends or to let them know when the artist is releasing new content.

Content consumers benefit from a completely customizable feed, allowing them to follow their favorite creators as well as keep up with new and exciting creators that may interest them. Starflow lets users create collections of content they enjoy that they can easily share with friends. While in the past, consumers of media across various social media sites would have to individually go through each site or app to share content. Starflow’s platform puts everything in one place, making it incredibly simple to share content from any social media outlet.

While Starflow is committed to offering its consumers a reliably pleasant experience through a full featured app, the platform has a variety of tools that assist creators not only in cultivating and maintaining a fan base, but also allowing them to easily monetize their content through brand partnerships. Starflow is offering the first bid free, two-way marketplace for social media influencers to interact and deal with brands both small and large.

Gabor designed the marketplace with millennials in mind, offering a clean and easy to use interface with powerful backend tools for content and campaign analyses. The marketplace allows for creators to easily discover brands with which they connect, allowing for powerful targeted advertising without creators losing control or possession of their content. The included analysis tools let account owners easily track their profits and followings, allowing for them to make sure they are maintaining a positive image that reflects what their goals are.

In addition to the ease the marketplace provides creators with finding suitable partners for marketing campaigns, it also allows influencers to take home the complete sum of money they get for participating in marketing campaigns. By utilizing a marketplace format, middlemen are cut out of the picture. Without having to deal with outside agencies to monetize their content, content creators are able to retain total control not only of what media they produce but also all of the money their deals make.

One of the most unique features of the Starflow platform is that it has its own proprietary cryptocurrency. StarCoin is an ERC20 token that allows for easy financial interactions between brands and content creators as well as between content creators and their fans. Brands can securely and quickly transfer money to creators all over the world without having to worry about conversions and the complications of dealing with financial institutions around the world.

Content creators benefit from these transactions from the instant payment that blockchain enables.The StarCoin offers the same benefits for transactions between consumers and content creators, who through the Starflow platform are able to sell their creations to their followers without having to worry about complicated conversions.

As more and more influencers are growing immense followings, sponsored content pushed out through these outlets seems to be the future of targeted marketing. With $3M in backing already raised and an ambitious millennial at helm, David Gabor’s Starflow is uniquely positioned to revolutionize the both the influencer ecosystem and the economy of the content produced by these creators, both sponsored and not. As the company continues to grow, Starflow should definitely be your list of startups to watch out for as the company prepares to disrupt the marketing industry.

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