StarCrazy: Brighter than Axie? The Fast-Rising P2E Star

Brighter than Axie

GameFi is here and it has a new star! StarCrazy is bursting into the Play-to-Earn universe with its own realm of NFT Starz and Planets. Players are getting hooked and we can tell! At the time of writing, StarCrazy has soared to join the top 50 out of over 1,000 games on DappRadar. That’s lightning-fast considering that this game just launched on September 27.

This new NFT gaming star can hook anyone looking for a game to play with its adorable Starz characters. Starz are NFTs used throughout the game to buy, fuse, and battle. But there is so much more to this game than Starz. There are also planets and land grabs, and… wait, the plot thickens. StarCrazy also features battles, reminiscent of Axie Infinity! But StarCrazy beats Axie in so many respects. Most notably, the fact that the StarCrazy token GFS is 100% player-owned. Let me show you why people are going nuts for StarCrazy:

StarCrazy: A Cheaper P2E Game than Axie

Cheaper to get started

Axie took the NFT world by storm at the start of this year, showing everyone that NFT and P2E games are the future. But considering the large number of people Axie has drawn, playing the game has also grown extra costly. To battle in Axie and form a team, you would need an average of more than $1,000 just to play. With StarCrazy, you can start off with a fraction of that amount and grow your Starz collection without breaking the bank. Now you have an opportunity to earn and dig into the P2E galaxy and discover just how exciting it is to monetize your gaming strategy. 

Cheaper transactions

Axie is part of the Ethereum ecosystem and runs on Ronin, an Ethereum-linked sidechain. It’s not news that ETH-related network fees can easily rack up hefty sums. So not only will you need a huge investment to start playing, you will also need significant money to play the game, what with all the transaction fees. In fact, network fees for Axie have eclipsed those of Ethereum itself. Moving assets in and out of Ronin will incur significant gas fees, and if you are not careful, gas fees could actually eat away a huge chunk of your Axie in-game profits. As an illustration: depositing and withdrawing ETH requires more than $100 in gas fees on average, although fees could vary depending on how fast you want the transaction to be processed. 

In contrast, StarCrazy is part of the IoTeX ecosystem, one of the most exciting blockchain networks today. Not only does the IoTex platform support scores of amazing projects, but the network has significantly lower rates than networks like Ethereum. IoTeX provides an opportunity for players to engage in P2E and NFT games with affordable transaction fees (as cheap as a fraction of a penny). There are no worries about transferring in-game assets and depositing, converting, or withdrawing tokens into and out of other exchanges.

“StarCrazy is leading the GameFi revolution with cutting edge blockchain tech and a player-first mindset. It is changing the earning and gaming landscape, allowing people to play and earn at the same time.” – Art Malkov. Head of Growth, IoTeX

StarCrazy players also earn a percentage of every transaction made in the game. GFS is 100% player earned and owned, making this game extremely fair and profitable to all. Not only that, the deflationary tokenomics of StarCrazy help players get the most bang for their buck as their collection continuously becomes more valuable over time. On top of all this, a syrup pool has made its way into the game. It’s almost unheard of for a game to give this many rewards and benefits exclusively to its players, so it’s understandable why StarCrazy is making a big name for itself.

StarCrazy is a genuinely fun NFT game

While Axie Infinity boasts pokemon-like Axies, StarCrazy is in the mix in the cuteness department. The adorable Starz have different combinations of traits making an almost innumerable number of unique Starz in the StarCrazy universe. The depth of the gameplay does not stop there. Each trait not only features a different characteristic of the Starz, but they also range in rarity. The combination of traits and rarity affects the digging power of the Starz in the StarMine where they earn NFT tokens through mining GFT and GFS. Fusion is also possible in StarCrazy, giving you a choice to fuse two Starz to come up with a totally different Starz with a potentially higher digg power or rarer trait. Combined with a great user interface, bright and fun graphics, and a compelling narrative, StarCrazy is truly a game you don’t want to miss.

The StarCrazy universe continues to evolve

What makes StarCrazy’s flame burn brighter than Axie’s is that the StarCrazy universe continues to evolve rapidly. You don’t know what lies in the galaxies far far away, but you know exciting things are on the horizon. StarCrazy is now getting ready to auction unique planets. Planets are bought with GFS giving players total ownership over them. Planet owners will have the chance to rent their planets, host battles, and more. Planets also feature a mixture of unique ecosystems where certain Starz can grow and develop. Ownership of this precious real estate will greatly reward players, and nothing is more exciting than the news of great rewards. 

Axie has lured a lot of gamers into the P2E world by allowing players to battle among themselves. Gamers will surely be excited knowing that battles will also be featured in StarCrazy. Once these battles commence, players will appreciate the different combinations of traits and rarity of their NFT Starz. Players with strong adeptness and strategy in the game will be duly rewarded, and that’s the essence of P2E and GameFi. 

StarCrazy: the future of GameFi

With all the new features coming to the StarCrazy universe and the huge daily rise in the number of players, this up-and-coming game proves to be a better alternative to Axie Infinity in the P2E and GameFi world. StarCrazy is not only exciting and rewarding, it is also liberating. With the governance token, #GFS being entirely owned by the players, the game is surely one of the best decentralized gaming platforms out there. StarCrazy shows players how GameFi can truly be affordable, fun, and rewarding. 

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