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Stainless steel restaurant carts: create the best working conditions for the staff 

Stainless steel restaurant carts: create the best working conditions for the staff

The choice of furniture for any food establishment must be approached individually, as if some solution will suit one space, for another kitchen, the same thing will become a hurdle. So it depends mainly on the format of the establishment, how crowded it is, and the type of meals that are cooked there. When selecting, for example, tables, shelves, racks, sinks, or restaurant carts, it is recommended to determine the list of critical options at the stage of creating a business plan. Far from every manufacturing company can share information about all possible furniture and its models. Therefore, it is paramount to learn all the details of professional equipping possibilities to not miss anything and provide the staff who will perform an array of prep tasks with everything needed. One of these necessary components is a stainless steel restaurant cart which ensures the organized work of kitchen staff when serving prepared meals and cleaning dishes in restaurants, cafes, and public catering establishments. Carts are produced in various sizes and modifications, can have a set of pivotal additions, and can be equipped with shelves.

Find your perfect steel match

Types of carts include models that differ in the number of shelves. And it is an obvious fact that the more shelves, the greater the weight and transporting capacity. Usually, it can be two to three shelving units. There are also designs with drawers and places for installing a bucket or washing equipment, especially if it is stainless steel work carts that can be used not only in restaurants. As for the material, the structure is most often made of metal. Mostly, this is high-quality stainless steel. Some variants of carts are made of plastic. However, the material is vulnerable to high humidity, so it must be treated with moisture protection agents or cleaned several times per day which can prevent quick task implementation. For the most efficient organization of technological processes in the kitchen, each element of furniture should be selected based on the most rational use and longevity rates, however, plastic is not so resistant to external effects and problems will add up very quickly. For example, plastic can be captured by mold, while stainless steel work carts will efficiently repel moisture. Here are several considerations before purchasing carts:

  • Opt for multifunctional mobile units made of steel, which are able to ensure promptness of service in public catering establishments, so it is worth making sure that the casters in the stainless steel restaurant carts are firmly attached and will not cause further problems.
  • Always take into account the care of the cart, so do not use hard sponges or other sharp objects for steel, which can permanently leave scratches and cracks on it. For maintenance routine, use specialized cleaners without the content of aggressive and disinfectant substances. Always get ready to clean steel properly in advance. 
  • Explore functionality, as you can use the cart not only for transporting dirty dishes but also as an additional place to store a range of objects and appliances.

Is it possible to do without such a cart and, at the same time, ensure comfortable conditions? Of course, a cart should not be at the top of your list. Probably, you can do without it in a way that is different from, let’s say, work tables without which it is impossible to process food. However, everything depends on the specifics of restaurants, so if you overlook such equipment, you may be slowing down the service of your guests.

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