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Stage 5 already!? Find out why Tether (USDT) & Toncoin (TON) holders love up Pushd (PUSHD) presale this valentines

Surprising the crypto world, Tether (USDT) boasts impressive profits surpassing $2.85 billion, outpacing financial giant Goldman Sachs in Q4 2023. Meanwhile, Toncoin (TON), born from the ashes of Telegram’s blockchain project, navigates independence with resilience, priced at $2.23. Amidst this, Pushd (PUSHD) enters the fifth presale stage, revolutionizing digital currency with a zero-interest swap service and practical debit card and plans to become a fully decentralized web3 marketplace. Explore the innovative features during Pushd’s (PUSHD) presale phase, captivating Tether (USDT) and Toncoin (TON) enthusiasts alike.

Tether (USDT): Profits Increase, Mirroring Optimism for the Crypto Market

Tether (USDT) has recently announced a remarkable achievement, boasting profits that exceeded $2.85 billion in the final quarter of 2023, surpassing even the financial behemoth Goldman Sachs. This impressive success can be primarily attributed to two significant factors: a gain of $1 billion from investments in U.S. Treasury bills and a substantial $1.85 billion from its holdings in Gold and Bitcoin. The surge in profits is in perfect alignment with the overall upswing observed in the cryptocurrency market during the same period, fueled by the growing enthusiasm surrounding the debut of the spot Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF).

As part of its response to the heightened demand, Tether (USDT) has expanded its supply, reaching nearly 92 billion tokens, a clear indicator of the heightened interest and strong institutional involvement within the cryptocurrency space. Despite this exceptional performance, Tether’s (USDT) total annual profit fell slightly short of that of Goldman Sachs, standing at $6.2 billion compared to Goldman Sachs’ $8.52 billion, demonstrating the remarkable growth and impact of the cryptocurrency industry on the global financial landscape.

Toncoin (TON): Navigating Independence in the Crypto Landscape

Toncoin (TON), the primary token of The Open Network, has become a standalone digital currency after Telegram’s initial blockchain initiative faced regulatory hurdles. Despite Telegram stepping back, the community assumed control, renamed the project Toncoin (TON), and designated Toncoin (TON) as the currency for its ecosystem. Currently valued at $2.23, with a market capitalization of $7.74 billion, Toncoin (TON) demonstrates durability in the cryptocurrency market. Its recognition as a Currency according to CoinDesk’s Digital Asset Classification Standard (DACS) strengthens its position in the digital asset realm.

Pushd (PUSHD): Revolutionizing the Crypto Landscape

Pushd (PUSHD) is gaining attention for its groundbreaking features and advantages in the digital currency landscape. The platform stands out with a zero-interest swap service, ensuring seamless and cost-effective cryptocurrency exchanges. It goes beyond the conventional by providing a practical debit card for real-world use, enhancing user convenience. Pushd’s (PUSHD) VIP and reward programs further foster a sense of community within its ecosystem.

More than just a digital currency, Pushd (PUSHD) aims to position itself as a fully decentralized web3 marketplace, simplifying online transactions and reshaping e-commerce. In its presale phase, Pushd (PUSHD) shows potential as a future player in the online marketplace of cryptocurrencies with its versatile approach and commitment to user-friendly experiences.

In conclusion, Pushd (PUSHD) offers a comprehensive solution for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, featuring an interest-free swap service, a practical debit card and innovative reward programs. Evolving into a fully decentralized web3 marketplace, Pushd (PUSHD) holds promise to redefine online transactions and become a significant player in the digital asset world. Investors and users are encouraged to explore the impressive features and benefits during Pushd’s presale phase.

Find out more about the Pushd (PUSHD) presale by visiting the website here

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