Sr. Software Engineer Jaya Krishna Tummala Spearheads Innovation in the Utility Industry for Fortune 500 Giants

As society moves deeper into the digital age, its reliance on technology only continues to increase. The organization that does not implement today’s cutting-edge software programs will inevitably be left behind in the race for greater efficiency and productivity, leading to lost opportunities for growth. Technology, however, no matter how advanced, always comes with risks and must be carefully integrated into an organization. Empowering businesses such as Exelon and ONCOR to maintain this intricate balance is Jaya Krishna Tummala, the creator of the patent-pending, AI-based Network Intrusion Detection Device. Jaya is a software quality assurance expert who operates behind the scenes of major companies, eliminating cracks in their tech infrastructures so that their operations can function smoothly and clients can be served.

Jaya’s journey in the tech industry began in India, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Technology at Sri Muthukumaran Institute of Technology before receiving his master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Illinois Springfield.

“I was fascinated by computers and enjoyed my time at university, as I was able to really learn more in depth about them,” Jaya recalls. “I could also see how transformative they would be both for organizations around the globe and society in general. I wanted to devote my career to this technology so that I could really make a contribution.”

After graduation, Jaya decided to specialize in the utility industry, including electric, gas, water, and sewage services, because he saw that he could make the biggest impact there and serve the most people. “I knew that I could use my in-depth knowledge and experience to provide excellent services to clients in this sector, always with the goal of ensuring operational efficiency and system integration using best practices,” he explains.

Since college, Jaya has had an illustrious career. Among his many accomplishments, he worked as a Sales Marketing Executive at HT Hackney before transitioning to the role of SAP QA Analyst at Jackson Safety. Jaya has also worked as a Software Quality Assurance Consultant for renowned companies such as Monsanto, Nike, Georgia Power, and T-Mobile, showcasing his versatility and skill set. At Exelon, he was a Quality Assurance Lead for the IVR effort in two CIS divisions (Commonwealth Edison Company and PECO Energy). At Southern Company, Jaya was part of the special billing C2M implementation as well as the NTTC gas nominations project for NICOR Gas. The latter led to Jaya working as a Business Lead for the Enterprise foundation program, which had 36 edge applications, and for five applications: Asset Repository, GCMA, MHS, Avaya, and GSO/ICM.

As his expertise has deepened, Jaya has been tapped for additional projects, including three for ONCOR. His input was pivotal for its replacement of its CIS mainframe system with the Oracle customer care and billing application. For the replacement of FRAMME, Jaya led the SALT process, which integrated the CIS and GIS application, and identified several architectural gaps that could have derailed the project. He also was in charge of reporting, which dealt with the company’s Tier-1 Customer Care and Billing application, particularly Usage, Billing, Revenue Management, Measurement, and Compliance.

For T-Mobile, Jaya led the CRM segmentation hierarchy project, which included several upstream and downstream environments. His role was critical, as he was the single point of contact for 28 edge applications. For Veteran Affairs, Jaya joined its JLV project in the UAT stage. JLV is a Java-based web application managed as a single code baseline and deployed in separate DOD and VA environments. His role was critical for the success of several integration aspects of the project. 

Jaya, who is also a published writer, is dedicated to the utility industry, as is evident through his impactful articles, such as those featured in Energy Central and Plant Engineering. For his leadership and innovations in software quality assurance, he was named Professional of the Year, 2024, by the National Conclave on Impactful Sustainable Business Practices. Jaya has been honored with the IndianTM Achievers’ Award, 2023-24, in the Field of Information Technology; the Certificate of Excellence in Peer-Reviewing by BP International; and the Certificate of Excellence in Reviewing by the Journal of Engineering Research and Reports. He was also named Fellow of the Institution by the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineers.

Jaya is enthusiastic about the future of software quality assurance, which he believes will always form a vital part of any successful organization. “At Nam Technologies Inc., we are central to efforts to improve productivity through operational system integration best practices and insights into streamlining operations in the utility sector,” he confirms. “These endeavors underscore the importance of our work and its impact on innovation and excellence in the industry.”

As Jaya refines software quality assurance and deepens integration capabilities in major companies, his dedication to delivering exceptional services to his clients remains unwavering. With a proven track record of success and a clear vision for the future, Jaya will continue to lead his industry, ensuring that utility organizations are able to serve their own clients with enhanced efficiency and productivity.

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