SquadX ALPHA: The Elite Group Within SquadX

  • Has a network of brands that are great prospects for SHOPX
  • Has a strong audience that engages with their content and will be interested in SHOPX
  • Has a network of investors that would love to purchase license tokens
  • Has marketing expertise that can help grow the SHOPX business
  1. (50%) 2.5% to the SHOPX Team
  2. (40%) 2% to SquadX (distribution below in SquadX Tiers)
  3. (5%) 0.25% to ALPHA
  4. (5%) 0.25% to the finder of the deal
  • 10 initial members will be selected by the SHOPX executive team
  • The 0.5% payout will be split evenly amongst all ALPHA members regardless of who brings in the deal and who promotes the deal. But the one who brings in the deal will earn an additional 0.5% on top of that.
  • ALPHA members will meet quarterly to determine whether to add new members or cut existing members. Any changes to the member count will need a 51% vote of existing members.
  • 90% of members must be present at the quarterly meetings.
  • ALPHA members are also able to step down at any time.
  • The SHOPX executive team can change the rules at any time but will strive to give a heads-up one quarter in advance.
  • Attend Office Hours with TJ
  • Engage on social media
  • Tell people about SHOPX
  • Tell brands about SHOPX
  • Promote existing NFT drops
  • Promote upcoming events
  1. Connect one-on-one with TJ:
  2. If you have SHOPX tokens, keep an eye out for the official SquadX roll-out. You will need to unstake from PoolX to stake for SquadX
  3. Remain active in the Discord channel and promote it
  4. Mark Calendars for 11/29 for the next SHOPX party
  5. Think of ways to push SHOPX forward
  6. Look out for office hours times with professor TJ
  7. Follow Cyrus on Twitter for product updates
  8. Have fun with it! No pressure.
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