The highly anticipated testnet for the first of’s many upcoming decentralized applications is set to be released to the public on July 26th, 2022.’s full-time, in-house development team has worked diligently over the past few months, designing a holder-owned NFT marketplace unparalleled to other platforms in the cryptocurrency world.

Spume is pioneering the way, as we are the first community based NFT platform project to exist in this industry and we are positioned to prosper at high levels for not only the organization, but the contributors that helped us get here as well. Recent partnerships such as our new market maker, FalconX, and new VC backers like Acacia Capital and Crescent City Capital have helped slingshot the launch of our NFT marketplace to early next week.


Since our platform is founded upon the principle of community, as the community grows so too does the platform and just like a boat flowing downstream— things become immensely easier. As a community contributor and investor, Spuminites will continue to have the privilege of backing things that they believe in, helping them scale and grow. Unlike many Web2 and Web3 projects, our Spume family will get to take part in the growing success as well. We have found this concept to be revolutionary because it brings together all of the concepts of conventional capitalism and empowers all who contributed to each endeavor both small and large.

Aside from our technological advancements, what continues to set Spume apart is our ability to empower the underdog. The average Joe, if you will. Providing the platform to ensure that they matter and everything they do creates ripples that can change the landscape and outlook of Spume as a whole. Spume is a platform for the people, by the people.

We have identified and partnered with valuable projects and these partnerships will continue to expand our reach. We chose these specific organizations because we know they will help us in each of the verticals that we are pursuing. Over the last several months we have acquired resources, talent and higher level administrative management to help us scale the Spume brand to where we know it can go. The acquisitions that have taken place will not only help us grow faster, but increase efficiency in all areas making it easier to bring these next projects to life.


The Spume platform will provide a vertically integrated experience for music, art, physical assets, real estate and ticketing. Our Testnet will feature the ability to buy, sell, make and accept offers on NFTs in both WETH and USDT. Our platform will empower the user to create profiles with unique handles, socials, and more to market their projects effectively.

With the advantage Spume is giving to our users, to be able to view trending collections based on their statistics and metrics, such as highest volume traded, and highest 24 hour volume. The testnet marks the finish of a monumental step forward in our underlying protocol with the completion of our exchange and staking contracts, and off chain data aggregation, as well as an advanced user and NFT management system.

Spume was born as a passion project, and with the right moves at the right times, we have built a legacy that will bring creation, progression and community to everyone.


Beauregard Moody – CEO & Co-Founder of

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