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Spree3D Releases The MyDubble™ App for Fashionistas to Instantly Wear True-to-Life Digital Fashion via Personalized Metaverse Experiences

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Avatar platform transforms engagement between brands and content creators.

Spree3D, a technology company specializing in hyperreal avatar experiences, debuts the MyDubble beta. MyDubble is a video studio powered by Spree3D’s photoreal avatar platform- enabling digital storytelling for personalized fashion experiences. Create MyDubble videos starring the user’s digital twin walking an exotic runway at a music festival, posting in Paris or Tokyo, and much more. 

MyDubble offers fashion brands a fun creator platform targeted at digital natives, where anyone can instantly model virtualized apparel and share with friends as glamorous fashion videos. Integrating photoreal fashion Dubbles into a video studio, MyDubble offers partners a “phygital” fashion opportunity that rises above the noise, allowing users to explore digital fashion in their social content and purchase physical items. 

How MyDubble Works: 

Creating a MyDubble video is as easy as 1-2-3. 

1) Create the Dubble from a quick phone scan. 

2) Pick the Dubble’s outfit out of a growing catalog of original designs. 

3) Pick Dubble’s setting from a selection of lifestyle scenes. 

That’s all it takes to create a fantastical fashion video starring the custom Dubble. 

Download MyDubble in the Apple App Store: 

MyDubble turbo-charges community building. Creators pick fashion apparel in the app to feature in MyDubble posts. Partners can launch metaverse fandoms populated with photoreal fan avatars. A “dubbled” fan base offers new engagement, merchandise, and analytic opportunities. 

“Our vision starts with allowing anyone to be on the inside of beautiful fashion experiences. By taking a photorealistic approach, we can automate a key category of social content promotions, expanding the reach of brands to a much larger creator audience,” says Bob Davidson, CEO at Spree3D. “Photorealistic Dubbles are game changers that create new promotional, revenue, and partner opportunities.” 


Founded in 2020, Spree3D is the brainchild of Bob Davidson- a pioneer in digital entertainment (who founded Blizzard Entertainment and launched World of Warcraft), and Lisa Park – a global fashion entrepreneur. Our vision is to allow anyone to be in fabulous fashion experiences.

Spree3D has delivered the first Hyperreal Avatar Studio- virtualizing humans & apparel for avatar adventure videos.

The MyDubble app provides a new way to socialize digital fashion, enabling instant avatar communities that create & share fantasy fashion videos. With MyDubble, users can Be In It- with a few clicks, fans can be in a fashion post and personalize it to make it their own. 

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