Spizzler Reviews: does this ear wax removal really work?

Spizzler Review

People hurt their ears usually while cleaning them and then face trouble until they regain their hearing back. Cotton swabs are discouraged due to their negative environmental impact. Cotton swabs have also increased earwax buildup, as well as have harmful effects on our ecological community and the environment. Extra precautions must be taken. People risk irritating their inner ears, resulting in considerable discomfort, drainage, and an unpleasant odor.

The Spizzler is an ear-cleaning device that removes ear wax without the use of potentially harmful cotton swabs. People can easily and securely remove earwax at home with the Spizzler instead of pushing it deeper back into the ear canal as they would with a cotton swab. Get Spizzler For The Most Discounted Price

What is Spizzler?

The Reusable Spizzler can be used to clean ears instead of cotton swabs. Cotton swabs accomplish the opposite of what they’re supposed to do, but the Spizzler’s unique design is known for gently loosening earwax and spiraling trash away. Even though it is necessary for the protection of the inner ear, earwax buildup in the ear canal can cause temporary hearing loss.

It is important that people switch from cotton swabs to Spizzlers to prevent the problem from getting worse. Safely clean and remove earwax effectively from your ear canals

How does Spizzler work?

The Spizzler device is simple to use. The device is completely safe to use and has no negative effects on the ear. The device serves to unclog and remove earwax, as well as spiral away any debris that has accumulated inside the ear. The following are the usage instructions:

  • Connect the tip to the device’s end.
  • Twist the device for 30 seconds after inserting it into the ear.
  • Remove it and use soap and water to remove the ear wax near the tip.
  • Keep it somewhere cold and dry.


There are so many benefits of Spizzler that are mentioned below:

  • It clears the ear by eliminating wax and dirt that has built up inside.
  • It clears the ear, making it less congested, and it also relieves itching and other symptoms associated with blocked ears.
  • When compared to buying cotton swabs and seeing an ear specialist, it’s a less expensive ear-cleaning solution.
  • People don’t need to clean their ears as often because it gives them a long-lasting clean feeling. Cleaning the ears every few weeks is sufficient to keep them clean.
  • More than one ear can be cleaned with a single tip. Furthermore, each device includes sixteen cleaning tips.
  • It eliminates all earwax without pushing it into the ear canal.
  • The device is simple to use and does not require any technical skills.
  • It can not harm the inner ear.


Design of the Spizzler

The Spizzler’s tip is spiral-shaped. It has a reason behind designing this shape of the Spizzler when people twist earwax into their ears rather than pushing it deeper into the ear canal, they are more likely to collect it. Spizzler’s designers guarantee that twisting the device into the ear for 30 seconds will remove any dirt.

Tip of Silicone

Because silicone is pliable, it was a smart idea to utilize it for the tip. Furthermore, it is supposed to be water, heat, and cold-resistant. Finally, because it is softer than cotton swabs, it is gentler on the ear. As a result, the risk of ear canal irritation is reduced.

Spizzler’s producers claim that because their tips are engineered to fit tightly, they will not fall out of the ear canal.

Reusable and simple to maintain

The Spizzler’s design and silicone removal tips make it more reusable. After each usage, the tips should be cleaned with soap and water and stored in a dry location.

Long-Lasting Freshness

The main advantage of a Spizzler is that it allows people to remove as much earwax as possible. To put it another way, if more junk is removed during the first few usages, fewer people will have to clean their ears on a daily basis. The developers claim that in the future, only one cleaning will be required every few weeks.

Environment friendly

All they’re useful for is a quick cure, like using cotton swabs. As a result, environmental devastation has increased. The impact of millions of cotton swabs on ocean life, fossil fuel use, land use, and water use is enormous. On the other hand, one Spizzler can replace tens of thousands of cotton swabs.


  • $29.95 for one spizzler plus 7.95 with free shipping.
  • $19.95 for two Spizzlers with free shipping.
  • $14.95 for four spizzlers with free shipping.

Final Verdict:

As my final verdict, I would say that Spizzler is a better option than cotton swabs. It is designed exclusively for cleaning ears. The spiral design of the former unit is what truly sets it apart, as twisting is designed to draw earwax out rather than slamming it back in. Silicone is used in conjunction with the design, which is a desirable quality given how flexible and delicate the material is. How could anyone ignore its reusability? The fact that one Spizzler can replace thousands of cotton swabs demonstrates the extent to which our environment may be safeguarded by making wise decisions.

Aside from the benefits, a few consumers were dissatisfied with Spizzler since it supposedly did not remove all of the earwax. It’s vital to note that the outcome will vary depending on how much and how hard the earwax has accumulated.

Given its appearance, Spizzler appears to be designed for folks who are concerned when their earwax content exceeds typical and safe levels. Finally, in severe circumstances, it is preferable to visit a healthcare professional for a risk-free remedy. Shop today and save up to 50% off your order!

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