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Spice Up Your Google Meets With Virtual Backgrounds

Videoconferencing has taken the world by storm. The number of people who engaged in this meeting style before the COVID shutdowns of 2020 has grown by 50 percent, making it a well-known and well-used resource for businesses, classes, and many other fields. Google Meets has emerged as one of the finest videoconferencing platforms. Indeed, the number of scenarios that Google Meets can facilitate ranges from students visiting with a guidance counselor to division retreats and everything in between.

One of the coolest features of this platform is the choice of background that you can apply, depending on the type of meeting that you’re having. Virtual backgrounds for Google Meet represent a wide range of tones and situations.

Custom Backgrounds

You can customize your backgrounds in Google Meets to apply a little bit more flair or personality. To make meetings more engaging or to add a little fun, you can blur or replace your background with an image, an immersive background, or even a video. You can also apply styles to customize your video with various light or color filters and stylized backgrounds. Suddenly, hundreds of background options become a limitless number; several for every occasion you can think of. 

Works With Other Meeting Platforms

Virtual backgrounds can be used on other platforms, such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. The same principles apply, and each platform is capable of applying any type of background, including custom backgrounds. Consider a scenario in which your technology fails. (It’s a stretch, right?) If you have set up everything for one platform, including the perfect background choice, only to be forced to reset everything on another platform at the last minute, creating your virtual background will be among the easiest things to do. 

The Range Adds Dimension to Your Meetings

The background that you choose is an extension of who you want to be in a given meeting and how you want that meeting to flow. If the tone is serious, there are several sober backgrounds. If it is a celebratory meeting, you can have a gif showing a continuous explosion of balloons and streamers. With virtual backgrounds, you are more or less limited only by your creativity.

When you’re using Microsoft Virtual Office, you can change the background in Teams. You’ll just want to make sure that you have the latest version of Microsoft Teams and the rest of the process is pretty intuitive. Like Google, Microsoft makes it easy to navigate its platforms, especially the special features. Of course, when it comes down to business, you can also use your background to help convey important points in a sales pitch or team meeting. 

Google Meets has exploded in popularity since the disruption of COVID led to the remote work phenomenon. The reason for this is that the platform is a quality product that comes with tons of features (live captioning, unlimited number of meetings) that people want. The Zoom virtual office background is just one of the hundreds of virtual backgrounds that Google Meets offers its users. Visit a virtual backgrounds website today to get the perfect backgrounds that will add tone and personality to your next meetings.

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