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Sphynx – the all-in-one cryptocurrency platform for the ages

Auckland, New Zealand, 16 Nov 2021,  Sphynx is a platform that offers trading, staking, farming, and a plethora of other utilities. Its native currency is $SPHYNX, which currently exists as a BEP-20 token.

The user interface was designed with user-friendliness and simplicity in mind, ensuring that both beginners and experts will be able to navigate the platform with ease. The main menu—underneath the consolidated wallet—is to the left of the platform when viewed on a computer. The positioning is the same on mobile devices, though users will have to click the three horizontal lines on the top-left to open the main menu. Within this menu are options such as “Swap”, “Pools”, “Farms”, “Lottery”, etc. 

Besides the menu (when viewed on a computer) is the swap that users can utilize to trade tokens, and to the right of that is the integrated chart that investors can use to perform market analysis. On a mobile device, both of these tools are available in the center of your screen. Everything has been strategically placed to ensure investors never have to leave the confines of Sphynx.

The vast majority of new traders are not familiar with token tax, which applies to a vast majority of tokens that exist on the Binance Smart Chain and/or the Ethereum Network. Most investors run into issues purchasing such tokens because they are not familiar with how to configure slippage tolerance levels to accommodate that tax. Sphynx eliminates that issue with its “Auto Swap” feature, which automatically selects the optimal slippage for your token of choice. 

Sphynx has already made tremendous strides on the Binance Smart Chain. Its platform has been the topic of discussion for dozens of crypto influencers, all of whom have been moved by Sphynx’s progress thus far. Not only this, but Sphynx—through its NFT line, the Sovereign Sphynx Council—has also been making waves on the Ethereum Network both by locking in partnerships with big-name influencers and through its massive giveaways for community members.

Sphynx stands out from its competition because of how little it charges for trading fees. In comparison to the 0.25% (and higher) trading fees that big-name platforms charge, Sphynx charges only 0.1% for swap fees, and half of those fees go back towards the holders via Swap Fee Rewards. Furthermore, by staking $SPHYNX, investors can earn both from staking their tokens (in $SPHYNX) and from the $BNB rewards that will accumulate from swap fees. 

CertiK is an internationally recognized security company that has audited the likes of Binance. What Sphynx has done is revolutionary as it has established a partnership with CertiK outside of being audited by them and commissioning their Skynet protection service. This partnership exists with Sphynx’s upcoming Launchpad. So, for a brand-new project wishing to launch on SphynxSwap, they would first have to go through CertiK and clear an audit with them in order for them to be deemed a safe project to invest in. There will be different tiers for such launches, but a good standing with CertiK will ease the concerns of traders who have been the victims of projects launched by nefarious developers with ill-intent.

Sphynx is also planning to roll out its cross-chain bridge in the near future. This will allow users to be able to bridge over to other networks outside of the Binance Smart Chain, with the first cross-chain availability being the Ethereum Network. Furthermore, investors will be able to switch between networks on the Sphynx platform itself and will be able to trade tokens that exist outside of the Binance Smart Chain.

The streaming platform that Sphynx is also working on (SphynxTV) is just another example of a utility that doesn’t exist anywhere else. All in all, Sphynx provides more functionality to users than anything else that is available on the market today, and it is why Sphynx is the all-in-one cryptocurrency platform for ages.

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Zaidoun ‘lonzo’ Alowbydi

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