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SpectrumVoIP, a Business VoIP Provider, Debuts Managed Services Bundle to Business Owners

SpectrumVoIP has announced the debut of their newest product offering, the Total Managed Network Bundle, at $99 a month. This bundle functions as a perfect addition for small and medium businesses. What’s inside? Commercial WiFi (which provides separate corporate and guest WiFi connections), Cellular Failover (a backup cellular connection ensures uninterrupted VoIP service in the event of internet failure), and Managed Firewall (providing traffic shaping for VoIP and for unwanted office internet browsing). This offering will lower a company’s IT burden by eliminating the need to pay a contractor to manage their network. On the support side, SpectrumVoIP provides high-end technical service and professional equipment to ensure that any business is thoroughly protected.  

SpectrumVoIP knows that communication and collaboration are integral to the success of any business. That’s why they offer UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) as well as video conferencing, online meetings, and enterprise messaging. No matter how large a business is, UCaaS can be scaled to meet the specific and varied communication needs of any operation. A business and its team members can enjoy user-friendly features for collaboration that are designed to keep everyone on the same page. 

SpectrumVoIP’s Cellular Failover service is powered by AT&T and T-Mobile. When the internet goes down, with other VoIP providers, your telephones go down too. In order to solve this problem, the company provides a backup cellular connection to deliver a reliability rate of 99.99% with the Total Managed Services Bundle.  This means that a business will not need to anticipate an outage or be required to deal with the chaos created by one. 

The features of the Total Managed Services Bundle also include the ability to create separate corporate and guest WiFi networks. This can make sure that a corporate WiFi network is secure and that the business can provide the added benefit of a WiFi connection to customers. Another feature of the bundle is the Managed Firewall that provides businesses with the ability to traffic shape for VoIP and for unwanted office browsing. The feature can improve speeds for VoIP by freeing up bandwidth from unnecessary office use. This both increases the quality of calls and disincentivizes employees from engaging in non-work related activity in the office. 

The combination of SpectrumVoIP’s Everything Plan and their new Total Managed Services Bundle can drastically reduce the burden which IT infrastructure places on a business. This will mean a business will not need to make a hire in IT or use a contractor for this purpose. As a result businesses will be able to save on their monthly expenses. 

About Spectrum VoIP 

When it comes to your phone service provider, trust an established company. Since 2004, SpectrumVoIP have serviced businesses and organizations nationwide by developing innovative communication solutions that fit each industry’s needs. Using cutting-edge technology, the company has helped businesses of every size get and stay connected with their teams and customers. SpectrumVoIP started from humble beginnings before becoming the industry leader they are today. The company has grown exponentially in both size and expertise, changing the face of VoIP technology along the way. 

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