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Specscart: Changing the scenario of the UK eyewear market

The fate of your startup depends on a number of things. For instance, what is your business idea? What problem does it solve? And why your products are better than your competitors.

Sure anybody can have a great business idea. But to sell that idea takes dedication, passion and commitment. Dedication to your work, a passion to make yourself better every day and a commitment to never stop.

If you run a startup, work in one or have dreams to have your own company someday, you can use a little inspiration along the way. To help you with that, we are here to talk about an inspiring story of one such British startup that has us all surprised with its achievements. Let’s know their story.

What is the story Specscart?

Specscart is a force to be reckoned with in the UK eyewear market. Born in 2017, the very idea behind Specscart is to make glasses more fashionable and affordable. Every product that the company sells including blue light or gaming glasses is highly fashionable and affordable.

Founded by a former Manchester University student Siddharth Sethi, his story is what brought Specscart into existence in the very first place.

Siddharth was studying in Manchester when he met an eyewear accident just a day prior to his exams. He went to an optical store to buy a new pair of spectacles only to get shocked and here is why:

  • The glasses were put on shelves with transparent doors. So, if you wish to try a frame, you first have to contact the shopkeeper. Doesn’t speak of a good customer experience, right?
  • The products were heavily priced. He had to buy them on credit.
  • Even when he bought them, he got to know that his glasses would take about 7 to 10 days to be made.

He might not get his glasses that day, but he got a top-notch business idea that will later go on to reshape the eyewear industry for the better.

He presented the business idea at The Albert Gubay Enterprise Awards in 2017 and won the whole thing. A year later, he also won the Venture Further Award and retail space in the busy streets of Walkden as well.

What is Specscart?

Specscart is a manufacturer and dealer of eyewear. Whatever glasses you can think of, they have them. From prescription glasses, fake spectacles to sunglasses, you can find every type and style of eyewear at the physical and online glasses store.

Specscart is driven by the motive of turning glasses into an easy and fast-moving fashion staple. Just like you have different handbags, shoes, necklaces and earrings to go with different outfits, Specscart works to give that same reputation to glasses in your wardrobe as well.

Apart from selling their products online, they also have stores in Walkden and Bury. You can visit their stores as they have a vast collection of glasses there as well.

What does Specscart offer?

Specscart manufactures the best British-quality glasses at their Manchester-based lab with the help of their experienced opticians. Whether you want something from the latest trends, a decent affordable pair that replicates expensive designer glasses or blue light prescription glasses, they have them all.

They manufacture single vision and varifocal lenses to optimise them for your particular vision needs. Not only this, but the company is also famous for the customer experience which is quite evident from the plethora of online positive reviews from their previous customers.

Here is a rundown of their famous services:

  • Free shipping across the UK no matter the cost of your glasses.
  • The fastest delivery and turnaround time for your glasses in the UK where your order is dispatched within 24 hours.
  • Providing free home trials to customers before they buy from them. You can order up to 4 frames at your home and try them on for 7 days. They don’t charge for shipping and also give three different types of lenses as well which include blue light anti-reflective lenses.
  • They also offer a free eye test to every UK resident at their stores. You can book the test online and visit their stores to get the test performed.
  • They have an easy return policy so you can get a full refund for your glasses in case you don’t like them or find them suitable.
  • They always have deals and offers on their website to reduce the price of their products and let the customers get high-quality glasses at affordable prices.

With such incredible services, it’s safe to say that Specscart is one of the fastest-growing startups in the UK. We are excited to know what lies ahead for this company. We hope that their unique business story and some accomplishments have fueled you up for your future business endeavours.

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