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Specialist Manager, Kireeti Gudipati, Speaks on Rapid Advancements in Cloud-Based Computing

As technology advances at a rapid rate, the age of the internet has opened up an avenue for new forms of computing services. This includes Cloud computing – though not a new invention, cloud computing has been on the rise due to the number of promised advantages and its adaptation to new technologies. Kireeti Gudipati, who is a current Specialist Manager at Deloitte Consulting, shares the importance of cloud-based computing, as well as the many aspects of his instrumental role. 

The simple description of ‘cloud computing’ refers to the facilitation and availability of certain computing services, such as data storage, intelligence and software, via the internet. With its low maintenance costs and reliable data back-ups and restores, cloud-based technology offers many solutions to the issues businesses may find themselves facing on a daily basis. Kireeti Gudipati contributes to his field as a leader, and his responsibilities include the designing, innovation, and transformation of cloud-based technology solutions. The hope of this initiative is to address and adapt to the next generation’s technological needs, and ensure that companies can rely on the promises of cloud-based technology. 

Gudipati first formed his foundational skills through many different certifications and years of experience with different technology companies. He plays the role of a cloud transformation leader, as well as a reliable technology strategist and advisory systems engineer. Following his years of experience, Gudipati emphasizes the importance of his current goals of creating effective IT visions, strategies and roadmaps. 

“One important goal to maintain in my role is making sure our services are in direct alignment and support of a businesses’ technological objectives,” says Gudipati. “We work to deploy an end-to-end journey from on-premise to cloud, performing design and development within the cloud messaging, cloud strategy, cloud development, cloud infrastructure and engineering, and managing the implementation of large-scale data ecosystems such as data management and governance.” 

Within his role, Gudipati oversees the many services provided by his company – not only does this mean ensuring a business is happy with their transformative services, but also that the service functions to solve that businesses unique problems and goals. Gudipati’s current focuses within his company include but are not limited to:

  • Integration of structured and unstructured data to generate insights leveraging Cloud-based platforms – including; data cleansing and conversions, interface design/development and systems development life cycle
  • Working on creating a GTM strategy with a prominent technological company for as a service offering, and improving internal processes
  • Promoting knowledge sharing within his team by contributing to the community of practice, blogs, and other such forms of market eminence. 

As he acts at the forefront of his field’s advancements and developments, Gudipati plays an active role in the initiation of new cloud design-based strategies. These offered solutions accommodate the rapidly changing field of technology, especially with the growing influx of concepts such as 5G data and Data center transformations. Kireeti Gudipati leads the mission of discovering the most common issues, quality solutions, and innovative strategies meant to improve a businesses operational model and performance. As he continues to prove his reliability as a specialist manager, Gudipati hopes to continue aiding other companies in their pursuit of an efficient business operational model that utilizes innovative technological solutions.

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