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Speak with Confidence: 5 Proven Strategies to Improve Your Communication Skills with DeLaChat

Jitendra Vaswani

Every business owner invests a lot of time in communication. Whether you’re facilitating a team meeting, giving a client presentation, or hosting an event, you have speaking opportunities everywhere. Plus, giving speeches at events is a great way to boost your credibility and promote your business.

Most people are afraid of public speaking, even though it’s both an art and a science. However, with a few tips and some practice, you can leave a lasting impression that people will remember. The DeLaChat platform, on the other hand, is designed to help people improve their communication skills.

How can I be successful as a speaker?

Below are 5 techniques you can use to improve your public speaking:

1. Avoid memorization

Too many speakers believe that the best way to deliver a persuasive speech is to memorize the entire text of their speech word for word. But this is something speakers should avoid at all costs.


When you speak by rote, you come across as too rehearsed or, in other words, unnatural. Even the most experienced speakers can lose their place in the speech if their thoughts wander, which is even worse because it can cause an awkward pause. It’s even worse because it can lead to an awkward pause. When that happens, you can go into complete anxiety, which may keep you from speaking at all. However, the DeLaChat platform allows you to talk to someone without hiding your hesitation, and have a casual conversation with someone to overcome your fears.

2. Be prepared

Most people prefer to practice in a quiet environment, but that doesn’t adequately prepare you for a real presentation. Anything can happen in a live presentation, such as audience members yelling their comments or cell phones ringing.


You can get used to the noise and learn to tune it out by practicing in a noisy environment, which can help you focus on the thoughts and messages you want to convey. This way, if you ever have to give a presentation abruptly, nothing can throw you off. Try the DeLaChat platform, where you can communicate with new people and find people with similar interests to improve your communication skills.

3. Communicate with the audience

The best way to unburden yourself is to change your perspective and put your audience’s needs above your own.


Remember that your goal is to give your audience information that they can use to their advantage. If your audience learns even one or two new facts or perspectives from your presentation, you have succeeded. If you focus on being helpful to the audience, you can relax. Also, real conversations with people, even online on DeLaChat, are the best way to overcome your anxiety and develop your communication skills.

4. Use audio and visual resources

The more multisensory information you can convey through your voice, the better. Most speakers are aware that they shouldn’t read directly from slides (and if you have done that in the past, try to stop now). Changes in imagery or, even better, tone will keep the audience engaged, so as a presenter you don’t have to say as much in plain language.

5. Make your dialog interactive

Give the audience a chance to memorize the material while involving them in the presentation – which is, by definition, more enjoyable and entertaining.

When planning your speech, consider how you can interact with the audience instead of just giving them information. Using this method, you can get a discussion going and keep it going effectively. Communicating on DeLaChat is easy thanks to the user-friendly platform and helpful customer support. Sign up now and start talking!

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