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Sparklo (SPRK) Surpasses Quant (QNT) And ApeCoin In Investor Interest As Hype Builds Up

Those who bought Quant (QNT) and ApeCoin (APE) in their early days saw significant returns on investment. For instance, ApeCoin (APE) launched in the middle of the bear market in 2022 but still managed to go against the grain for a while. 

However, analysts don’t expect Quant (QNT) and ApeCoin (APE) to surpass the highs they made on their best days. Some analysts believe the best ApeCoin (APE) and Quant (QNT) can do is 3X to 5X. 

Other cryptocurrencies have much better prospects for investors seeking supernormal gains, 100X and above. One of the best cryptocurrencies that analysts expect to outperform in the coming days is Sparklo (SPRK).

Quant (QNT) Drops As FUD Takes A Hold

Quant (QNT) was one of the hottest cryptocurrency investments a while back, but this is no longer true. Besides Quant (QNT) having no special use case, it is also facing a lot of FUD at the moment. 

One negative news affecting Quant (QNT) is that hackers compromised Bitrue Exchange, and Quant (QNT) is one of the affected cryptocurrencies. Investors are afraid that as the hacker dumps the coins, it could hurt the price. 

Another piece of FUD striking Quant (QNT) is that it is no longer a member of the Digital Pound Foundation. This means Quant (QNT) won’t participate in the launch of the UK’s CBDC, which would have a massive boost in optics. 

With all this bad news and nothing unique about its use case, investors are not surprised to turn to Sparklo (SPRK), a new crypto with 100X potential. 

ApeCoin (APE) Loses Steam As Investors Give Up On It

In early 2022, ApeCoin (APE) was getting all the hype thanks to the BAYC NFTs and the Otherside Metaverse. At the time, ApeCoin (APE) looked pretty invisible. 

However, ApeCoin (APE) has since lost traction, and analysts are pessimistic about its future growth. ApeCoin (APE)’s issues started with controversies around the ownership of the BAYC NFT’s rights. 

Then the hype around the Metaverse and Metaverse cryptocurrencies died out. With people losing interest in living in virtual worlds returning, the odds are that ApeCoin (APE) may stagnate for a long time.

That’s why ApeCoin (APE) investors are now turning to new cryptos that could take over from where ApeCoin left. One cryptocurrency that is quickly gaining traction is Sparklo (SPRK).

Sparklo Sees An Upsurge In Investor Interest As Other Cryptos Struggle

Sparklo (SPRK) has been a big beneficiary as some big cryptocurrencies struggle. Investors continue to be drawn to Sparklo (SPRK) because getting in now means getting in early. Sparklo (SPRK) is currently in presale and is going for only $0.015 until the weekend ends and it increases to $0.017. 

With all the interest it is getting from investors, Sparklo (SPRK) is likely to go parabolic once it starts trading on exchanges. 

The hype is not without basis, though. Sparklo (SPRK) aims to make it easy for people to buy precious metals like gold, platinum, and silver by fractionalizing them as NFTs. 

On top of taking on such an exciting market, Sparklo (SPRK)’s presale is one of the most transparent in the market today. Sparklo (SPRK)’s smart contract is audited and cleared to be above board by InterFi Network. 

Similarly, Sparklo (SPRK) has a KYC audit to ensure everyone is clear on the whole presale process. 

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