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Space Travel Club: A Stairway to the Space

Humans have always been fascinated by Glittering Sky and flying objects. Soviets were the first to launch an artificial satellite into the earth’s orbit on October 4, 1957. On 12 April 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first human to orbit the earth. A month later in November 1957, the Russians sent another Satellite into space called Sputnikll with a dog named Laika inside it. On 31st January 1958, the United States launched its first Satellite, Explorer 1, into orbit. The rest is history that how remarkable achievements have been made by mankind to explore Space.

NFT is a digital asset representing objects like Music, games, videos, etc to be secured in a way that ensures ownership and creates scarcity. Most NFTs rest on Ethereum, but blockchain buyers are inclined to switch to Polygon owing to low fees.

NFT can be sold but the owner can maintain copyright/royalty, they can offer them to buyers and decide the percentage of secondary sales that the owner can have. Holder of an NFT can make a person’s way to space as revealed by the Space Travel Club (STC).

According to the STC team who had their conference on Aug 22, 2022, in Conference Hall Dubai Knowledge Park in Dubai- UAE, A person owning NFT can become a member of this exclusive club and avail of the intriguing offers that it provides i.e famous music festivals, Conspicuous Sports and Cultural events, Tech Conferences, etc apart from space travel. The members will also have an opinion about what destination and event they choose, also club members will have the right to vote on events, destinations, and gathering locations the club events will take place and on dates.

The STC team announced the Price range is between $50,000 to $250,000 compared to Virgin Galactic selling tickets to space for $450,000. The club seems to have great potential to be a successful NFT project as the offers and benefits it gives to its members are much more than what other firms like Aziki etc are offering. The club is yet to start minting and to be launched officially. A yearly Snapshot on a specific date will be divulged by the STC. The winners will be informed according to their ticket, via mail, email, or the website. The Key to getting to space and the fascinating events of the Space Travel Club is to have the STC NFT/membership.

Sam Tai the project founder said the club has a 5-phase plan.

Phase 1: This consisted of the launch of their website and social media platforms alongside the

long-awaited launch of their tickets to Opensea, the world’s first, largest, and most trusted marketplace for NFTs.

Phase 2: Making all the Space Travel Club tickets available for minting as well as gifting some of their

loyal social media members with STC tickets.

Phase 3: This phase involves creating profiles for the Space Travel Club ticket holders that will be linked

to their tickets. The dates for member-only events will also be released alongside an announcement for the snapshot date and the special guest who will get the Palladium ticket.

Phase 4: The first trip to space winners will finally be announced and the trip date will be finalized. All

winning ticket holders will be notified about the next step through the website and finally, boarded for

their trip to space.

Phase 5: The final phase is the start of creating and designing new metaverse planets and the

announcement of their release date. Every ticket holder will be gifted their very planet in the metaverse

that they can call their own.

Ticket types

Every ticket holder is allowed to attend all VIP events except space boarding, which has special requirements. Member should win the lucky draw after each snapshot to board the space. The club has 246 tickets in the collection; 245 Tickets will be listed for the minting and gift of one palladium ticket to a club special guest.

There are multi-ticket types: 

  1. Palladium
  2. Golden
  3. Platinum
  4. Silver
  5. Bronze

STC Team

The team behind this project was in the Conference Hall Dubai Knowledge Park in Dubai- UAE on Aug 22, 2022

Sam Taie: the project founder, has over 15 years of experience in project development, from Canada and worked in one of the biggest companies in Canada bill gosling outsourcing.

Deric Playford: Technical manager from the USA who worked for NASA for a long time and holds Ph.D. in engineering.

Gabrielle Hines: graphic designers team manager from the USA who worked for Google for a long time.

Megan Campanella: tech and blockchains expert, with over 13 years in technical support, and worked for a major company in UAE.

Sophia Price: Social media channels manager and events planner, worked over 11 years as an event planner and 5 years as a marketing manager.

Finally, the team announced they have a big surprise about one member who chose to stay anonymous also they are on a world trip to meet with the press and investors, and the next station will be in Madrid- Spain, once their trip is done, they will get ready to announce the minting date.

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