Sourcing and Producing Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals in Asia

Our seasoned experts can aid you in discovering the most qualified suppliers in Asia for your medical goods. Asia has emerged as the primary production hub globally for medical devices, components, pharmaceuticals, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Yet, seeking a capable manufacturing facility for your medical product in Asia poses a significant challenge. Thorough screenings of potential suppliers and rigorous due diligence are imperative to ensure the identification of a competent and trustworthy supplier. A meticulous approach is crucial as subpar supply chain practices could have a severe adverse impact on your business and reputation.

Pacific Bridge Medical (PBM) can support you in identifying and qualifying supplier candidates, conducting due diligence, ensuring compliance with local standards, and more. We can even serve as your consultant for supply chain management.

Our services for aiding you in importing from Asia encompass:

Determining the optimal Asian country for product sourcing:

  • Evaluating the strategic and cost-effective Asian country for sourcing products based on an in-depth assessment of the client’s product and needs. China and India are prominent sources for medical products, with Vietnam emerging as a rapidly developing and cost-effective option.

Initial exploration of suppliers:

  • Commencing the search for manufacturers using medical directories, trade shows, catalogs, and online sources. Emphasizing the importance of on-the-ground sourcing experts for a comprehensive evaluation of potential suppliers.

Contacting, vetting, and establishing relationships with capable suppliers:

  • Initiating contact with suppliers through phone and email to pre-assess their capabilities, ownership details, manufacturing licenses, and financial stability.

On-site assessments & quality audits:

  • Conducting face-to-face meetings and facility tours to verify critical information about the supplier, such as headquarters addresses, contact details, year of establishment, export markets, employee count, manufacturing facilities, revenue, compliance with standards, certifications, product lines, and more.

  • 1. Year of Inception for Sourcing and Manufacturing Medical Products in Asia
  • 2. Primary Export Markets
  • 3. Workforce Size
  • 4. Total Manufacturing Facilities
  • 5. Annual Financial Turnover
  • 6. Adherence to Local and Global Standards
  • 7. Pertinent Certifications (ISO 13485, CE Certificates, etc.)
  • 8. Core Product Categories
  • 9. Additional Product Categories (if applicable)
  • 10. Validity of Operating Licenses (Official Business License, Invoice Sample, Tax Registration Certificates, etc.)

Providing detailed supplier reports:

  • Furnishing comprehensive reports summarizing each supplier’s capabilities, production processes, risk management procedures, personnel, and overall rating. Collaborating with the client to discuss the report, address questions, and communicate with suppliers about total costs.

Supplying supplier product samples for review:

  • Ensuring supplier understanding and diligence by requesting samples based on individual specifications for product and packaging.

Concluding a sourcing agreement:

  • Assisting in negotiating a sourcing agreement covering production costs, molding costs, minimum order quantity, product price, packaging, printing fees, and payment terms.

Quality assurance inspections:

  • Managing quality assurance inspections at the supplier’s facilities before product shipment, including scheduling and reporting for all checks.

On-going supplier management:

  • Continuously monitoring the manufacturing and sourcing process to ensure products align with expectations.

Whether you require comprehensive support for all sourcing and manufacturing services or consultation on specific functions, PBM can devise and implement a customized plan tailored to your needs. Reach out to us today or select your target market for country-specific information.

Select your target market:

  • China
  • India
  • Vietnam
  • Southeast Asia

Pacific Bridge Medical’s regional offices in Asia can aid your company in locating experienced and reliable medical manufacturers for sustained sourcing and manufacturing partnerships. Additionally, we have the expertise to assist in establishing your own wholly-owned greenfield factory for medical products in Asian countries. For a complimentary consultation with our sourcing experts, get in touch with us.

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