Soumit Roy: The Hidden Genius Behind Data Analytics Cloud Migration strategy – An Inside Look

His creative way of thinking makes him unique in an industry that is rapidly evolving

In the end, it’s not just about technology; it’s about the human factor in securing it,” remarked Soumit Roy, Analytics Cloud’s luminary behind the much-lauded ‘AI enabled Analytics Cloud Architecture Framework.’ That’s right: while others fuss over the tech’s latest bells and whistles, he is strategizing on how to keep it all locked up tight in optimized effort.

Molding the Pillars of Analytic’s Security

In 2022, few might have known of Soumit’s contribution. As the key architect who drafted and finalized the Analytics Cloud Architecture Framework: Security, Privacy, Data model and Compliance,’ he created the blueprint hundreds of Analytics Cloud customers rely upon today. The aim? To bolster their cloud-based defenses and fortify their virtual estates.

“The very essence of cloud computing lies in its shared responsibilities. While we provide the tools and techniques, the users, too, have a role in safeguarding their data,” says Roy. His publication in the Journals echoed this very ethos, where his name is proudly showcased for the world to see.

However, it’s one thing to create a manual and another to implement it across diverse clientele. Roy’ expertise extended to aiding many clients in understanding and practically adopting this Analytics Cloud framework. By 2025, an estimated 80% of all new Analytics Cloud customers were found to be employing strategies formulated by this framework, indicative of its impact.

Bridging the Gap

Roy’ prowess in Analytics cloud implementation didn’t remain restricted to internal documentation. He has been working closely with renowned companies to get a vital piece titled ‘Secure Analytics Framework Considerations Before Deploying Workloads in the Public Cloud’ published. In the article, he introduces the Shared Responsibility Matrix, influenced by Gartner’s finding that 99% of cloud security failures stem from customer oversights. This matrix clearly outlines security responsibilities for both cloud providers and users, emphasizing the need for users to protect data, applications, access, and encryption. This innovative strategy has gained global recognition and endorsements from industry leaders, marking a significant shift in analytics cloud security considerations.

Another initiative that Roy is working on is: ‘How to Avoid Common Security Incidents in the Public Cloud’ with a 5-step approach. These strategies include setting up granular Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies, crypto jacking monitoring, storage bucket controls and regularly auditing IAM Entitlement Lifecycle. Widely adopted by cloud customers, this approach has been successful in preventing multi-million dollar losses from attacks like illegal crypto mining in cloud systems. His lateral thinking, evident in his proactive approaches to evolving cyber threats, sets her apart in an industry known for swift changes.

Elevating Professional Standards in Cloud Analytics

Roy’ impact wasn’t just limited to the theoretical domain. As an Data and AI Expert in Analytics Cloud, he played a pivotal role in framing one of Analytics Cloud’s top professional certifications: the ” Oracle Cloud analytics Professional.” It’s a certification that, in 2022, is considered a gold standard among analytics cloud aspirants worldwide.

The “Cloud analytics Professional” exam is more than just a test; it’s a distillation of Analytics Cloud’s implementation and Security essence. As Roy puts it, “Certification isn’t just about gauging knowledge; it’s about ensuring the right mindset and approach toward cloud implementation and security.”

And true to this belief, under Roy’ guidance, the exam evolved to challenge candidates on myriad fronts–from data architecture to ensuring compliance. It was his vision that ensured the certification wasn’t just about knowledge but about real-world applicability.

Soumit Roy reflects, “Building secure cloud Analytics infrastructures is akin to creating art. Every line of code, security protocol, and measure we take is a brushstroke, culminating in a robust and dynamic masterpiece.”

Indeed, behind the intricate ballet of ones and zeros that is Analytics Cloud is an architect, ensuring every leap is precise, and every twirl secure. And in the grand theater of cloud computing, Soumit Roy has truly been its unsung maestro. As 2022 progresses, it’s clear that while cloud landscapes will shift and morph, foundational architects like Roy ensure that the base remains solid, secure, and unshakable.

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