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Soul Zhang Lu: Interest-Driven Social Networking May be the Way of Future of metaverse

Recently, Soulgate Inc. revealed that its daily activity users have reached 9.3 million, embracing a growth of 55.8% year-on-year. Such a significant achievement makes the public curious about its founder, Soul Zhang Lu

In fact, there are numerous social apps in the market target different groups of users and their social needs. For example, LinkedIn is ideal for professionals who socialize for work. You can expect to dig for various stunning photography on Instagram. To keep close contact with your acquaintance, it will be great to try Facebook. For users on Soul App, they mainly gather for interest-driven network or to find spiritual resonance. As Soul Zhang Lu has defined, Soul App is an interest-driven social networking platform aiming to bring young generations a social metaverse.

As you may have imagined, an interest-driven network is, in fact, what it sounds like: a social network built based on the same interests, using common threads to attract users to gather. In addition, Soul App allows users to hide their identities in the real world, which brings a sense of security and further supports them to share their hobbies, interests, problems and hardships without any worry of being judged.

By crafting their own avatar, users on Soul App can design their new virtual identities, which can be regarded as their passports on the virtual metaverse. In this way, they have no fear of being judged and can take massive exploration of interests. They can take advantage of the gamified features on Soul App to create and express, contributing to rich user-generated content. For example, they can simply express their love for virtual pets, Lolita clothes, and sci-fictions. Or they could share their tips and experiences in daily life, academic performance and employment. It’s also okay to record their daily happy moment and pass the happiness to other users.

Younger generations find Soul App to be a social platform that is great for sharing and discovering simple joys. They can double their happiness in Soul App’s pleasant, carefree universe by meeting new friends, having fun, and engaging in the sense of community and validation. Soul Zhang Lu made it by catering to each user’s social needs and personal interests. Everyone gets the chance to enjoy their “small joys” on Soul App.

Data is the best proof that directly reflects Soul Zhang Lu has designed the right strategy. The prospectus shows that in 2021, the proportion of users who remains active for at least 15 days per month on Soul App reached 59.4%; and every user, on average, spends more than 45 minutes on this platform daily. Some heavy users even open this app 21 times per day.

It is worth mentioning that when industry insiders try to dig into Soul App’s growth logic, they find it hard to define the volume of interest-driven social networking with the number of users. However, giants prefer to believe in the bright future of interest-driven socialization and keep investing in it. They hold the belief that interest-driven business model will bring incredible profits. For example, Tiktok has already developed interest-driven e-commerce platform, which has made huge achievements in China.

Soul App has also presented excellent commercial potential. On the one hand, it has encouraged the development of the creator economy by fostering a platform where avatar designers can directly sell their designs to users. On the other hand, the massive user base of Soul App makes it an ideal platform for brands to conduct marketing campaigns toward young generations. Earlier, the American automobile company Chevrolet has cooperated with Soul App in a metaverse marketing campaign. Based on this cooperation, it gets a 3D avatar to represent its company and strengthens its brand awareness among young generations.

The social metaverse will continue evolving. Under Soul Zhang Lu’s visionary leadership, Soul App may embrace more possibilities.

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