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SoStereo Appoints East and West Coast Executive Producers as Demand for the Music Solution for Brands Doubles

The industry veterans will play critical roles in the growth of SoStereo, helping brands find music that takes creativity to the next level.


Joey Netter

SoStereo, the cutting edge music solutions company for brands, has added industry veterans Joey Netter and Marcus Nelson to the team. Netter and Nelson will work toward propelling the company’s mission of harnessing the power of music for advertising while supporting independent and emerging artists.

“We are excited to have these two industry experts join the SoStereo team and are impressed with the accomplishments they have already made in their fields,” said Salo Sterental, Co-founder of SoStereo. “Besides working with the world’s biggest agencies, their expertise will be critical as we continue to develop our direct-to-brand solution, StereoBrands, and look to enable brands to use better music at scale.” 

As East Coast Executive Producer, Netter will work with clients as well as the music and tech teams. She has more than 25 years in advertising, marketing and production. Most recently, Netter was executive producer at Elias Music, a Universal Music Company, where she managed production of original music and sonic branding campaigns. She was also instrumental in developing the boutique Elias music catalog. Netter previously held roles at FOX Broadcasting Network, and Bozell and Lowe Worldwide. Career highlights include memorable work with major brands and campaigns, including Got Milk?, Bank of America, GE, Verizon, Google, American Express, McDonalds, Toyota, the NFL, and the NHL.

“Having only worked in the world of original music before, I’m excited to work with real trending and emerging artists,” said Netter. “I love music, it’s always been such a big part of my life, and now I get to work with the kind of talent I’m already listening to on Spotify.  Even more exciting is to see the synergy between the artists and the brands, and how they both compliment and grow one another.”

Nelson will serve as SoStereo’s West Coast Executive Producer. He’ll interface with clients and use his vast knowledge to connect brands with culturally relevant music for their campaigns and branded content. Prior to joining SoStereo, Nelson, who speaks German and French, opened the successful West Coast office for BUTTER Music + Sound and built BUTTER’s European outpost in Berlin. He has collaborated with some of the best creatives and largest accounts in the European market. He was also a working actor prior to transitioning into advertising.

“I am SoStoked to have the opportunity to support and empower artists, full stop,” said Nelson. “Being able to execute a streamlined solution for emerging artists to be heard while giving our clients and brands a platform that allows them to tell their stories through pictures and music is a total game changer for me. Chapeau to the team!”

SoStereo’s team is composed of industry experts who support advertisers and marketers to find and use music that makes their audiences pay attention. With an extensive artist music catalog of precleared and preapproved music, SoStereo offers easy and fast access to properly licensed music for campaigns and branded content, unlocking the marketing power of music.

Marcus Nelson

“We are proud to continue building our team with the best of the best,” said Beto Azout, Co-founder of SoStereo. “Joey and Marcus are a great addition and will undoubtedly be an asset to our clients and partners with their incredible knowledge and background in music and advertising.”  

SoStereo offers a convenient source for brands and creative agencies to find the affordable music they need created by real artists. By partnering with artists, labels and publishers to make their music accessible for use in ads and branded content via, SoStereo is helping artists monetize their music while doing what they love – making great music. The company has a vast catalog of songs and artists, and has licensed music for iconic brands such as Apple, Netflix,  Target, and the NFL.

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