Something You Must Know about Marshmallow Making Machine

You may be curious to know how these colorful, sweet, and soft candies known as Marshmallows are produced. In this article, you will get to know about the marshmallow-making machineYinrich manufactures the production line of marshmallows. It provides machines that are of high quality. You can run your business with cotton candy with the help of these machines. The company has a wide range of automatic production lines to produce different shapes and fillings of marshmallows. 

About the Marshmallow-Making Machine

Yinrich is a manufacturer of marshmallow-making machines. Brushed stainless steel is used to make this machine. The output of the machine is adjustable according to the requirements of customers. The production line contains technology and techniques that are developed according to QS standards. 

What is Extruded Marshmallow Line

Yinrich’s aerator is required in this machine for the EM series. Multi streams are generated afterward. For each stream, different colors and flavors are to be injected. Different kinds of products can then be made from a special extruder of Yinrich. It includes combined colors, center filled, single color, and 4 colors twisted extruded product. 

Get to Know About the Production Line of Marshmallow

  • Deposited Production Line of Marshmallow

Different jams are either deposited or extruded by a complete factory of marshmallow production.  

  • Small Capacity Extruded Line

This is to fulfill the need for a small capacity for marshmallows. 

  • Extruded and Deposited Line of Production

This production line is created for both types, i.e., Extruded and Deposited. It doesn’t produce different types at the same time. Different sizes can be adjusted as per customer needs. Different extruded nozzles are used to make the extruded shape. 

  • Mini Marshmallow Line

In this extruded type, a mini marshmallow of size 1 cm in length can be made. The cutting length of the marshmallow is adjustable. Features of this product include 14 years of specialization in IC, getting tested 100% before the sale, and cooperation with other famous brands domestically and internationally.

  • Fully Automatic Line of Marshmallow Production 

This line of products is automatic and extruded. Extruded marshmallows of various kinds, colors, and shapes are produced according to the specific requirements of customers. The main types of equipment are aerators, extruders, and cooking systems. 

  • Pigtail Marshmallow Line

It blends spraying of icing sugar. 

  • Professional Manufacturer of Color Twist and Center Filling of Jam

The machine has automatic drying. Manually moving the marshmallow tray is not needed in the drying room. It connects automatically with the production line of molding and drying. After passing through it, the packaging of the marshmallow can be started. 

The types of marshmallow produced through it are twisted and filled type, rope type, round extrude, and heart/animal/flower type. It has PLY wooden packaging with one year guarantee. Customer complaints are solved by a technical group within 24 hrs.

  • China Line of Yinrich Technology 

This production line is for small capacity. Bottle shapes of two colors are made. Nozzles can be changed accordingly for different shapes. 

Benefits of Yinrich Company

  • It designs and manufactures professional machinery
  • The whole supply of solutions is of high efficiency and is economical.
  • Supply A-Z line of turn-turkey.
  • The machinery is of high quality for processing chocolate and confectionery.


Various lines of production for producing marshmallows are discussed. Yinrich is the manufacturer of the marshmallow-making machine. Different features of different products are provided. The details and advantages of purchasing the production line from Yinrich are also mentioned.

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