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Some simple strategies to make use of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Technology

In the market environment, for businesses large and small, cloud-based services are universally pervasive since managing technology and innovation without it seems an unviable option. Today, cloud technology, server farms, and web hosts empower traditional businesses with operational efficiency, reduced capital expenses, IT infrastructure costs, business solutions scaling adaptability, and customized tools and services on pay-per-use models.

Simply put, cloud technology for business houses is a utility model comprising five layers that include cloud applications, IT hardware, cloud computing infrastructure for cloud computing, software management of the kernel, and cloud software. Cloud computing (CC) benefits vary depending on your business needs. The cloud deployment models that are presently familiar and popular are:

• The Private Cloud for customers connecting through a data center
• The Public Cloud for the public businesses connecting through a data center
• The Community Cloud is used by a community connecting through a shared data center
• The Hybrid Cloud connecting its users to the hybrid cloud through a data center

Benefits of Cloud Computing:

Let’s take a quick look at the strategic benefits accruing to a business by using cloud services. Yes, costs are a foregone conclusion. But, let’s group the most discussed cloud benefits under the three headings below:


Cloud computing today is highly flexible, and businesses can choose from (IaaS) or Infrastructure-as-a-Service, (PaaS) or Platform-as-a-Service, (SaaS) or Software-as-a-Service, or (BPO) Business Processing, depending on their needed service levels. You can address your fluctuating workloads instantly while you have the ability to scale down or up and customize your very own solution and tools. Choose and control your services, costs, workloads, etc.


Cloud computing brings in the concept of efficient use of its benefits through capital expenses savings using a utility-style payment structure. Now access your cloud resources with a single click taking your products to the market faster than your competitors. Say bye to downtime, potential loss of data, hardware failure, data integrity issues, etc.

Strategic Value:

Opt for resource accessibility from an Internet-connected device to collaborate with colleagues anytime globally and from anywhere, even as you work from home, without any worries of managing vast IT resources. This method optimizes your storage and need for on-premises IT infrastructures. Use the latest in technology with pay-for-use models and focus on business application development.
Parting words:

So, should you choose to use cloud services as a career and for business strategy? Yes, for all the reasons mentioned above. Choose wisely and select a cloud computing course from Great Learning. Why? Their course has a Cloud Refresher Course to refresh your concepts. You can also earn the coveted Azure or AWS (Amazon Web Services) Certifications blended with the scientifically and globally designed syllabus. Enhance your practical capabilities to get a head start over your competition by choosing from over 50 domains for your project work. Plus, access to career fairs and placement drives can steer your career with fantastic pay packages since the skills and demand for professionals far outstrip the availability. Why wait to enroll?


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