Some Realities About Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Singapore

Some Singaporeans have speculated that fat transfer could replace traditional breast implants as the most popular breast augmentation method, but this remains to be seen. Breast fat transfer (grafting) is quickly becoming the most popular way to increase the size of the breasts. It has also been used for a long time to fix problems with the shape of the breasts.

Fat transfer consultations for breast augmentation are conducted at the Covette plastic and cosmetic surgery clinic in Singapore. Even though there are many good things about this method, it may not be a suitable replacement for breast implants.

You’ll get the latest information on fat transfer breast augmentation Singapore, how it differs from traditional breast augmentation and more in this piece. Please continue reading!

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation: What Does It Mean?

When you get a fat transfer breast augmentation, your body fat is used to increase your breast size. Surgeons can remove unwanted fatty tissue from various parts of your body by sucking it out using a vacuum. Finally, the fat cells are injected into your breasts. While you may notice a reduction in fat in certain places of your body, you may also notice an increase in breast size.

Breast Augmentation: What Is It? 

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that can change the size and contour of your breasts. Purposefully altering one’s physical appearance is the focus of this kind of plastic surgery.  Furthermore, there are two types of breast augmentation, each involving a different surgical procedure: fat transfer or breast implants Singapore.

Information on Breast Fat Transfer That You Should Know 

The silicone breast implants placed into each breast and used to boost the size and alter the breast contour come to mind when most people think about breast augmentation.

Unfortunately, a breast augmentation alternative known as breast fat transfer is not well known among patients. They are also ignorant of the numerous advantages that this technique has to offer.

Observe the following three:

  1. It Changes the Size of the Breasts Slightly in the Long Run, But it Solves Some Small Problems.

First, breast fat transfer is perfect for patients who want a slight modification in their breast size or form. For instance, breast fat transfer is frequently the best way to correct an asymmetry between the right and left breasts. Alternatively, more subtle modifications can be achieved with this process (unlike typical augmentation). For instance, a tiny bit of fat can be put in the area above the nipple or in any other location where adding volume will improve appearance.

  1. It Eliminates Extra Body Fat

Individuals who want to enlarge their breasts while lowering body fat in other areas can benefit greatly from breast fat transfer. It’s important to note that less fat is typically removed during breast fat transfer than during a conventional liposuction operation. But for many patients who want to alter the entire look of their contour, the overall impact can still be effective.

  1. It’s the Best Natural Remedy

Last but not least, many patients discover that breast fat transfer is a more organic way to achieve their ambition for more extensive and fuller breasts. Their body fat is just being moved from one place to another; not a foreign instrument injected into the breast. This not only makes the substance that can be used less intrusive, but it also gives patients who get breast augmentations the natural appearance they almost universally want.

Key Takeaway 

Women who want larger breasts or better results from breast augmentation or a breast lift can benefit from fat transfer breast augmentation. When weighed against the benefits and drawbacks of breast implant surgery, it is still a great option when used alone. Dr. Gavin Kang of the Covette Clinic in Singapore is the one to talk to if you want to learn more about fat transfer breast augmentation Singapore.

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