Some Of The Best Options For Improving Your Home Computer

Are you looking to level up your home computer? With everyone doing so much online nowadays, from work to play, socialising and life admin, you can’t afford to be slowed down by sub-par equipment.

Investing in a brand-new, high-end computer won’t come cheap, so you may need to find ways to boost your finances and spread the cost. But there are lots of options for upgrading what you already have, too, depending on the kinds of improvements that you’re seeking.

Read up on some of the best options below, from small touches to significant additions and adaptations.

Expand its storage or memory

Computer storage and memory might sound like the same thing, and it’s true that they can both improve performance. But storage is the hard-disk drive or solid-state drive where data is stored indefinitely, while memory – aka RAM – is where information is stored in the short term.

In brief, upgrading storage can improve your battery life and speed while giving you extra space for files and applications. Upgrading memory, meanwhile, is better for running multiple programs at once, using large applications and improving gaming performance.

Level up the CPU and GPU

Similarly, a better central processing unit (CPU) and/or graphics processing unit (GPU) will give your computer new life. The former handles the core processing tasks that drive almost every action in your computer, while the latter focuses on rendering the kinds of complex graphics needed for intense software and video games.

A new CPU will come in handy for completing multiple tasks at once, like you might when home working. A new GPU on the other hand will support high-performance tasks like gaming, data processing and machine learning.

Invest in fun extras

Perhaps your computer is actually performing just fine and all you need are some fun extras. If you’re looking to jump on the Twitch craze, for example, a platform where 22.8 billion hours of content were consumed in 2021, you could splash out on a higher-quality microphone and video camera.

A ring light will help to illuminate your face on streams and video calls, while noise-cancelling headphones are perfect for deep work.

Upgrade your surroundings

Don’t just think about your computer, either. Your surroundings can be just as important to your computing experience, so invest in an ergonomic chair and desk if you haven’t already. An adjustable stand-up desk will give you the best of both worlds. 

Don’t be afraid to add a plant or two. Studies show that proximity to nature can boost productivity and wellbeing in office workers, so it makes sense to apply the same logic at home.

Could one or several of these upgrades enhance your home computer setup?

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