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Soma’s Mobile Cognitive Technology is Revolutionising Sports Performance

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Soma Technologies is a Swiss-based company that has developed mobile cognitive sports performance technology that is currently being utilized by multiple universities for research in cognitive sports performance, mental toughness, pressure training and mental fatigue. Soma will begin conducting concussion research in the third quarter of 2022 with one of their university collaborations who they have been working with for two years.They have also secured multiple four year research grants with this same university. Soma is providing teams, clubs, sports organizations and athletes access to cognitive training anytime anywhere without the need for large and cumbersome equipment. The technology which Soma has developed is already being utilized by professional athletes and professional sports organizations across the globe.

The integration of Soma’s high level cognitive training technology with mobile devices allows training to be performed anytime and anywhere. Due to the collaboration of Soma with multiple prestigious universities they are able to provide the most detailed cognitive data which is currently available in the market. Soma is currently in collaboration with 10 universities who are using their technology for different projects. Scientific research has shown that physical performance is negatively impacted by mental fatigue. Additional scientific research has demonstrated that correctly performed cognitive training has the ability to expand mental capacity and increase an athlete’s resilience to the effects of both mental and physical fatigue. 

Professor Ring from Birmingham University which is the 7th best university for sports science in the world had the following to say about Soma and their products, “The covid-related closure of our laboratories at the university in spring 2020 forced us to look for an alternative way of collecting data. We contacted Soma Technologies during the first lockdown and started using Soma NPT and Soma Analytics for a couple of our planned studies. We now use the Soma app for all of our cognitive testing and training needs. This includes our ongoing programmatic research projects on brain endurance training in athletes, as well as our upcoming projects on sport-related concussion in student athletes and the effects of exercise training interventions on cognitive function in patient groups. The breadth and flexibility of the mobile platform means that we can now test anyone, anywhere and anytime.” This testimonial demonstrates the effectiveness of Soma Technologies for analysis and cognitive training at the highest level of sports science. 

Soma technologies has developed an integrative system between coach, club and team to athletes with live, remote monitoring and programming. The system delivers an innovative and modern approach to cognitive training making and makes it accessible and easy to implement even for the busiest high performing athletes and teams. Soma Technologies maintains that an athletes ability to train anywhere in the world and have their team or coach monitor their data and subsequently adapt training plans is the future of cognitive training and cognitive research. This makes cognitive performance training more accessible than ever and eliminates the need for cognitive training to only take place in facilities with expensive equipment. Additionally, the effects of something like the coronavirus pandemic can be managed more easily thanks to the ability to avoid physical contact while still engaging in a high level of cognitive performance training. 

Dr Walter Staiano is a researcher, Olympic sport neuro-physiologist, coach and advisor. He has more than 15 years of experience in the field of cognition and physical performance. He has stated that, “I had the pleasure of knowing, working with, and using  Soma NPT and Soma Analytics since their first steps. The Soma platform responds effectively and efficiently to the needs of the community which includes researchers, high-performance coaches and corporate advisors who are interested and involved in cognitive monitoring and training applied to high-performance environments. The platform is very comprehensive and it has been growing since the beginning using a solid evidence-based approach, confirmed by the amount of data they have collected and published over the years and the several collaborations that the company made with some of the most prominent Universities and Research Institutes worldwide on cognition and human performance. Moreover, the platform is designed to help coaches and researchers to collect data easily and monitor performance on a large scale with minimal effort. The company is always at the forefront and committed to improving the quality and efficiency of the platform by introducing many new features that are usually tested in a research lab and in the field.”

The current trends which are present in the cognitive training industry exclusively includes large screens and pieces of equipment that need to be purchased at a significant cost and kept at a facility to be used effectively. Through the use of mobile technology that athletes and coaches already have access to, Soma Technologies is able to deliver the advantages of cognitive training at a fraction of the cost of the rest of the industry. There are over 70 cognitive training tasks inside the application and this ensures that training does not get boring for athletes and coaches alike. For more information the Soma Blog provides in-depth education on cognitive performance and the best ways to integrate cognitive training into the highest levels of sports performance. 

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Soma Technologies 

Luzern, Switzerland

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