Sollarmint, the blockchain service, are Bringing a New Marketplace for NFT Buying and Selling

Sollarmint, which is an IT and blockchain service provider, is announcing its launch of a NFT marketplace. Through this marketplace, they want to make buying and selling of NFTs more feasible and easy. After seeing the need for a really fast and reliable marketplace, Sollarmint has taken this step to put them in the NFT space. 

With the vision ‘ To support and help student artists to gain exposure, whilst providing an inclusive community for all types of creatives’. The idea to create the marketplace was originally decided by the owner of the company. When his partner, who is a fantastic artist, was thinking of a way to gain more exposure for her art. She didn’t seem to understand how to gain more exposure for her art or how to monetize it and neither was she aware of the term NFT. This made him realise that there are a lot of brilliant artists who don’t have a global platform to showcase their art, and they may have knowledge gaps. 

So began the idea of creating a free community of NFT artists. The aim of the market place is to fill in the knowledge gaps among artists. The marketplace development will be completed by the end of March 2022. Possibly from the month of April, it will be launched. The company is also announcing the launch of its NFTs to show that they are artists who want to help the digital space to grow and advance. They have showcased the design process from top to bottom. Their aim is to help student creatives, and professional artists monetise their artwork. 

 The reason for this marketplace being talked about so much at the moment is because of the focus on governance,this marketplace offers the right to vote. Which has been lacking in a lot of marketplaces. To make this voting feature more rewarding the company is working on the development of their Defi token, which will be used on the marketplace as a reward to both the parties, during auction transactions. This is the most prominent way for the organisation to prove that this marketplace is for the People. The marketplace will allow users, artists and professionals to vote for the features they want in the marketplace and will also give them a place to blog and share the story behind their NFT creation. To increase transparency and efficiency the marketplace is backed by the Ethereum and polygon chains.

Just as a good life is all about giving back to the community, the company has pledged to donate 10 percent of its revenue to charity. The director and owner of the company comes from a family, which believes in the growth of society by paying back. The company is also developing the features of its users and artists to upvote which charity or community the donation should go to.

  To get more updates on the project, follow sollarmint on Twitter and Instagram, and join the discord channel.

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